Necklace of the Week {8-6-15} | Andie Ibanez

Necklace of the Week {8-6-15}

Hey babes!!

Its time for our necklace of the week, and can I just say how much I love this necklace?? It is a little more edgy than most of my necklaces and I love it!! I actually received it at a "Favorite Things" party that you can read more about here. One of my favorite ladies brought these necklaces to give out as her favorite things and I have loved mine ever since!!

Heres the scoop, its on Amazon listed as ONE DOLLAR!! Sadly, the shipping is 3.99... But with my mathematical skills, that still puts it less than $5.00. Totally worth it!! It has lasted super well, no breaks and looks fabulous on any simple shirt. It lays a little lower than I would personally like so I clasp it a little deeper than I usually would on other necklaces. Check it out on the link below and take your time looking at the other necklaces similar to this one on Amazon! Oh, and did I tell you they have this necklace in tons of different colors?? Cause they totally do!! The black one is the cheapest (you know me and cheap!) but some of the other colors are absolutely beautiful!!

Black Triangle Bib Necklace


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