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Hey loves!

So Daniel and I joined some friends for a fun and wild weekend in Las Vegas recently. What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas but when your outfit game is on point then you gotta share! Thanks to my friends at Tobi.com, I had a fab wardrobe that went from day to evening.
I got a bunch of questions from my Insta Story about where I got some of my clothes. Well I have come prepared with links, ladies! I didn't get amazing pictures of my outfits in Vegas so my #InstagramHusband and I did a quick little photoshoot for you all. He's the real MVP!

I wore this one on our wildest night out! Be My Beauty Cold Shoulder Romper.
Get it here.

This number is the Van V-neck Ladder Trim Romper.
Get it here.
I paired it with some of my favorite Madden shoes!

And the most popular one, the Darlin' Rose Print Skater Dress.
Get yours here.
Paired with platform sandals from Target. Got to love Target!
Milo felt the need to be in some of these....
But I'm not complaining!!

Check out Tobi.com for a collection of cute clothes!!

Xo - Andie

I have a love-hate relationship with painting my nails. I love when they're done but get so discouraged when they chip 5 hours later. Gel nails were obviously the solution but the polish is a pretty penny and you pretty much have to build your collection from scratch. One of my best friends had tons of gel polish, a legit LED lamp and an amazing steady hand for painting nails but now that I am 2,000+ miles away I needed to figure something else out.
I recently got a GelTouch Mini because it was a cheap and easy way to get the gel effect. Check out how easy it is and why its so great!!

First start with a fresh prepped hand. Push back any Remove any nail polish, shape your nails, push back/remove cuticles, moisturize, etc)
Paint your nails normally with a color of your choosing. Literally any color. That amazing color you got at Forever 21 for like $2 on clearance? Yup that one will work too! For better results do a second coat as well.
Now comes the fun part. Take your GelTouch gel polish and apply a coat to the top. Make sure you get the top of your nails as well to create a strong seal. 
Then take your little square LED light, open the legs and plug the USB into anything. I usually watch movies on my laptop while I do my nails so I just plug it there. The Mini is designed for when you're on the go so it's really only meant for one or two nails at a time. 
Cure for 60 seconds and you're done!

My absolute favorite thing about GelTouch is that it turns any normal polish into gel that lasts!!

You can get the kit here: http://a.co/cp8y0w7
Let me know how you like it!
Xo - Andie
I love cardigans and I love bodysuits. I have long legs and a short torso so whenever I can make my torso appear longer, I'm game! Both bodysuits and cardigans help with that! 

Outfit details below:)
First let's start with the cardi. Go long here! Pick a color that you know you could pair with other items in your closet. If you're not a pink girl then get a different color. Just get something you love!

Here are some similar styles:
I'm obsessed with bodysuits because I love the tucked in look. You never have to think twice about your shirt bunching or coming untucked. It's pretty great!

Here are some similar styles:

Pair the outfit with your favorite pair of jeans and some cute booties and you are golden! 
Xo - Andie

Business casual.
That is probably my favorite type of dress code. I am in meetings all the time so I want to make sure I always look presentable. I feel my best and therefore perform my best. Business casual is also pretty forgiving! One simple piece can really make it. Blazers are perfect examples. Add a blazer to a casual look and all of a sudden you have a business casual look! But as much as I love blazers, today we're highlighting another statement piece - neck tie blouses! Bonus points for floral because who doesn't love floral in the winter?!
Here are some similar styles to my floral top:

Aaaand for the pants:

Last but not least, some fun booties:

Boom! Business casual!
What's your favorite business casual look?

Xo - Andie
I wanted to post this on inauguration day but to be honest I just couldn't believe it was actually happening. I kept thinking someone's just gonna come out and say "Just kidding, America! We sure got you!" And I'm still waiting... But this is our reality now and it's OK to protest. Even if it's a silly little video.

Anyway, this is a mixture of my disapproval, disgust and disappointment of Trump and my appreciation and obsession with Hamilton. The original song was about John Adams and didn't make the cut for the show but Lin-Manual Miranda blessed us with the Hamilton Mixtape and Watsky killed it! The first time I heard it I immediately wanted to rewrite it and make it about Donald Trump. Also, one of my New Years resolutions was to write a rap, but since this is a parody maybe half credit? 😂

Anyhow, here is my open letter... #SitDownDrumpf #HowIProtest

Here is the video:
Just in case it doesn't work, here is the link: https://youtu.be/WnYNcrx3lig

An open letter to the fat, arrogant, orange, narcissistic, national embarrassment known as President Donald Trump - Shiiiiii

The man's irrational and we can't get no sneak peak
of his taxes and everybody knows that he's so weak
Trick, please!

You have no clue what you're doing,
you're always going berserk and you never do no damn work
Give my regards to Vladimir next time you cheat and steal a national election
Now everybody's scared and needs protection - Ohhh

the country's divided its heated again
While the president tweeted again
Ah such a rough life
Fear and lies magnify
"Make America Hate again"
Don't like anyone different you racist
how you talk about women you sexist
We've been calling you a prick, your tiny hands make us sick
And you the very definition  of a fascist

You nuisance with no sense
You would die of your arrogance
and I beg you to aspire to our level
but you aspire to malevolence
Say hi to that CRAZY PENCE!
You amaze and disgust
with your utter lack of concern
I don't care if I hurt your feelings with this letter I'm confining you to one term
Sit down, Drumpf, you fat motherf-----
Hey babes! I'm so excited to share this post with you. Dates are super important in my book. I never want to stop dating my spouse! So I'm starting a new segment on my blog called Date Nights with Daniel. I will be sharing our favorite date activities with you! This will be a fun one because we absolutely love February for two main reasons. Our anniversary is 3 days before Valentine's day so we usually go big on our dates in February. This year we are going back to Europe because we're celebrating 5 years of marriage!! Last year we went to a yoga retreat in the middle of the mountains for a few days. It was a blast! Check out details here. But with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share one of my other favorite date ideas with you!

We totally love cheap/free date night activities! That is what prompted this post. If you're looking for a fun, free Valentine's date activity keep reading! Also, if you're looking for some Valentine decor or treat ideas, check out my collab with local NC Bloggers from last year. Details here.

This is a fun one to do anytime! We went for a breakfast date so we could stay in our comfy clothes. You could easily do an indoor picnic for lunch or dinner as well!
You really don't need much to pull this off - just a little creativity. But don't worry, I got you covered!

Blankets and pillows for comfort and to set the mood! The more pillows the cozier. Bonus points if you turn it into a fort!

Cake stands and serving dishes for aesthetics and serving food, obvs.

Food for the main event! We just went for sweets this time around. There really isn't a wrong way to do this part!
And of course there were macarons!

Milo crashed the party because he can do that.
Love this goof ball!
Cheers to love!
And to having this little pup in our lives!
Whatever you decide to do for Valentine's day we hope you have a blast!

Xo - The Ibanez-Swain Family

Hey loves!

For today's Makeup Monday I'm showing you what I keep in my makeup bag! I have lots of makeup at home but this little bag always goes with me. No matter what my day has in store, I get piece of mind knowing I can start from scratch or glam up whenever!
If you don't already have a handy go bag, this one is for you! 
First get yourself a fun makeup bag. Here are some cute ones for under $10!

Now for my favorite glam essentials:

Foundation - One word: Matte! I like FIT Me by Maybelline because it doesn't feel heavy and it is super affordable!!

Liquid eyeliner - I'm definitely more of a liquid eyeliner girl. What I love about eyeliner is you can definitely change up your look with one stroke!

Lipsense - The craze is real and for a legit reason. I always have these babies in my bag. Oh and we have a Lipsense color giveaway coming up! Stay tuned!!

Contour stick - I am obsessed with the NYX Wonder Stick. It gives a really nice highlight and contour. It is very easy to control your level of glam!

Dark eyeshadow - put a little to give your eyes some depth and use some to fill in your brows. 2 in 1!

Setting powder - Set it all in with your favorite powder. This stuff works really well with my skin type and keeps my shine under control.

Mini brush - When you have super thick hair, a brush is mandatory. This mini brush is the perfect size to keep in my makeup bag.

Here are links to the current makeup in my bag:
What's in your makeup bag?
Xo - Andrea

Ok so it's obvious that today's Makeup Monday isn't about makeup but about hair care. Both are in the beauty family though so I think we're good.

I wanted to talk to to you guys about a few products I'm obsessed with right now. I do my best to make sure my hair stays healthy and strong and these products absolutely do the job.
Garnier Leave In Conditioner.
This leave-in conditioner makes my hair smell amazing and feel very soft. I will use a little after I wash my hair. I will also rub a little on my palm and work it into my hair when its dry. It's such an affordable way to keep your hair healthy and strong. Especially in dry places, like Utah! 

Wet Brush.
You guys! The Wet Brush is amazing!! I have pretty thick hair and it will definitely get tangled if I don't brush. It really is like magic! No just kidding, it uses IntelliFlex bristles which work like magic. This brush is seriously a game changer. 

Obviously to go with the Wet Brush if your hair is dry. I'm ripping out less hair every time I brush and it's wonderful! Plus this Kids' Detangling Spray smells SO good. If you don't want to go buy this, your little sister may already have it. True story.

Batiste Dry Shampoo.
Dry shampoo is a busy girls best friend. I've tried so many different brands and I'm totally hooked on Batiste. It works so well and my hair looks better every day. The extra volume doesn't hurt either!

These 4 are my must have hair care products right now. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Xo - Andrea

So I received a bunch of DMs about where I got pieces of my outfit. I seriously LOVE hearing from you guys so please continue sending me messages! I'll do my best to always reply:)
Ok so yesterday was a cold snowy day in most places. There was still a lot of snow here in Utah and it was like 10 degrees when we woke up. But with it being Saturday, we knew we needed to continue our house hunting and run a few other errands. Like most people, I like being comfy but I wanted to look cute as well. Also throw in that I was on day 4 hair so a hat was a must!
Outfit details below:
Note: I love a good deal and most of my clothes are very affordable. I will also make sure to do my best to find affordable options for you as well.

Oversized sweater.
I could seriously just live in this sweater. I personally also love the v-neck because it makes the sweater a little more unique.

Pleather leggings.
I've had these leggings for a while now. They are nice and stretchy and super comfy.

Slip on sneakers.
I've had my eyes on these for a while now. They are comfortable and they pretty much go with everything.

Whether it's a bad hair day or not, I'm a fan of baseball hats!

Most of my jewelry is still packed away, so I've probably worn my choker way too ofter. They can make any outfit a little edgier.

Give this outfit a try! Stay comfy and warm, my friends!
Xo - Andie

Well, the last few Monday's have been a blur to say the least. It was so much fun just staying home and hanging out with family the last few weeks. However, I honestly didn't realize it was Monday today until a few hours ago! One of my 2017 goals was to be more consistent with the blog. I love doing it and just need to make time for my interests and hobbies! On that note, please hold me accountable for learning the ukulele, guitar or piano;)

Ok so remember my advent calendar from a few posts back? Well I figured I'd share all my spoils with you! I've got to say it was an absolute blast getting new makeup everyday until Christmas!
I'm a big fan of NYX Cosmetics. It's the best inexpensive makeup in my book. The affordability means I can try out more colors and play around with different looks without feeling like I'm spending too much money.

Here are some of my favorite NYX products. Give them a try!

Let me know what you think!

Xo - Andie
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