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I love dinner parties. I love attending them and hosting them. So naturally our Thanksgiving turned into a dinner party for two!
This year my sweet husband and I stayed in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. We had a few invites to join other celebrations but at the end of the day, a cozy Thanksgiving at home sounded perfect. 

Neither of us really know how to cook but we wanted to challenge ourselves and create an entire feast in one morning. So Thanksgiving morning consisted of a little bit of football via the annual D1 Turkey Bowl, followed by a few hours of cooking together in the kitchen watching the Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade and listening to Christmas music. Thank goodness for Google and mothers! But we did it! Check out our Menu-
Deviled Eggs

Cornish Game Hens
Honey Glazed Ham
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Lemon Parmesan Green Beans
Grandma's Rolls

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk

Apple Cider
The decor was relatively simple. Roses go a long way so I picked up a soft pink combo that I thought would pair well with the cream and tan color scheme. We decided that all the dishes (including our dinner plates) would be white. I'm a sucker for place settings so that was a no brainer. And finally, the menu on the side was a fun addition. It made our dinning room feel like a restaurant. 

We lit the candles, dimmed the lights and played soft christmas music in the background. It really was perfect and a fun way for us to celebrate!
I hope some of these ideas inspire you to throw your own dinner party - regardless if its a large group or just a table for two!

I love getting gifts for people. It's like a sport to me. Every year I create a gift guide of gifts I'm getting others, gifts I would like myself, or gifts that I've gotten or gave in the past. I'm totally a list maker so here is this years list. Hopefully this gift guide will give you some ideas! 

I will be adding additional gifts to this list in the coming weeks so be sure to check back!

1. Textured Fedora
$14.90 at Forever21

2. Critter Planter
$18 at Anthropologie

3. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

$19.95 on Amazon

4. Exploding Kittens
$20 - Such a fun and addicting card game

5. Stamp Set
$14 on Etsy

6. Tile
$25 - Never lose important things again!

7. Poncho
$24.99 at H&M

8. Pen & Ink Prints
$19.50 at Naptime Sketches

9. Teeth Whitening Kit
 $29 at Smile Sciences with code "Andie"

10. Glam Bag - Subscription

$10/month at Ipsy

11. Choker Necklace
$20 at Urban Outfitters

12. Blanket Scarf
$16.99 and up at Target

13. State Love Necklace
$14.95 at Kelly & Pavel Design

14.  Cute and cozy robe
$24.99 at Target

15. Kate Spade Notebook
$14 at Nordstrom

16. Tory Burch Mini Duo Fragrance
$18 at Sephora

17. Juicy Couture Faux-Fur Earmuff Headphones

$22.99 at Kohl's

Keep checking back for more gift ideas!

Xoxo, Andrea

I'm so excited to be dropping by the blog!! Andrea is sweet enough to let me post about my favorite products, parties, and DIY projects when I have a quick second!! Watch out for "This Week with Marie" because this means I'm posting on one of my obsessions!!  

If you haven't noticed yet... I'm in love with art and family photos on the wall!! About a year ago, I purchased a metal print from Groupon. Throughout the last year, I've taken the time to decide if it's a must have, or a product you can live without. 

A metal print is actually exactly how it sounds. Rather than printing on a canvas material, or glossy paper, they print directly on metal!! Crazy, right?! 

These prints are awesome because they're basically indestructible! I can't tell you how many times my husband has been playing fetch with the dog and knocked this photo off the wall. With all of the tough love we give it, it still looks the exact same as the day I recieved it in the mail. 

One of my favorite things about these prints are the way they look on your wall. They are so different than anything else. Although the shine made it a little tricky to snap a photo for you, it makes it look amazing on your wall! 
The company I order mine through was called Printerpix, and they are currently not running any groupings. Although they aren't, there are a few other companies that have metal prints on Groupon. Check them out!! Just make sure you read the fine print since some companies require you to pay shipping which can add a pretty penny to your price. 

Basically what I'm saying is, check it out!! Groupon didn't disappoint me with this one and I've loved our metal print!! 

Find them on Groupon, here.

Xoxo, Marie
Updated with a few more links at the bottom:)

Working out at home is a great alternative to getting a gym pass. Although, if you have a gym pass its still a great alternative if you need to be home for whatever reason! You really don't need equipment, but from my experience it doesn't hurt to get the following: Yoga mat and 5 lb. (or 2 lb.) weights.
There are a lot of guides out on the internet, however some of them are kinda pricey. Also, if you're unfamiliar with the exercise then you spend most of your time trying to figure out how to do it (instead of doing it!).  So I've compiled my 4 favorite methods of working out from home. Enjoy!

Yoga with Adrien - "A happy and successful online yoga community, which creates free creative content to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body daily. Adriene approaches health and wellness with a playfulness and even a sense of humor that encourages all personalities to the mat." I love love love her! I look forward to yoga days and really enjoy her style of teaching. she's not your stereotypical Yogi (not that it would be a bad thing), she just seems like your friend. She has content for all skill levels and I always feel challenged! 

The Abs Diet for Women - The New York Times bestseller now adapted specifically for women, shows how to achieve a flat stomach and great shape in just 6 weeks, and stay lean and healthy for life." So this book is game changing. It has complete recipes, shopping lists, very detailed work out plans, and fabulous health and wellness reading. It really is the best! And the best part is, they are super inexpensive. I'm talking $5 or less! They have a newer version which is probably more like $15 or so but the original is just as good in my opinion. Get your copy ASAP!!

Hulu! - Most people don't know it but Hulu has loads of work out videos! Its just under their Health & Wellness section. So right after you catch up on the Bachelorette you can do a little core fusion body sculpt. 

YouTube - There are TONS of free workout videos on YouTube. I've done my fair share. The variety is great - because its YouTube, obvs! 
Here are a few of my favorites:

I know not everything works for everyone so hopefully this gives you some ideas as to what works best for you! Remember, its not about being "beach body ready" its about owning your health and being (and feeling like) the best you!

Xoxo, Andrea

We're so excited to give one of you your very own personalized bar necklace - courtesy of Kelly & Pavel Design

Entering is super easy and done through my Instagram account (@AndieIbanez)

1. Follow both me @AndieIbanez and @KellyandPavelDesign on Instagram
2. "Like" the contest picture/post
3. Tag two friends in the comments (each friend needs to be its own comment

But you're probably here because you want to get some more entries! I have a bunch of ways you can do that! 

- Every extra tag is an additional entry. Tag as many friends as you want for more entries! Just remember each tag needs to be its own comment. more entries = greater chance of winning!
- For 2 additional entries retweet the giveaway post on Twitter (@AndieIbanez)
- For 2 additional entries visit my blog and leave me a comment (you're half way there!)
- For 5 additional entries repost the giveaway picture on Instagram and tag me @AndieIbanez and #AndieIbanezGiveaway

Oh and make sure you check out K&P Design!

Good luck!

Xo- Andie
Cheers to Fall and warm Novembers. 
We've been having some really nice days in NC and it has been amazing. Like T-shirt weather amazing. I know its going to get colder in the coming weeks, but to those babes who live in super warm weather states (I'm looking at you, Arizona) you get to rock the warm fall looks all season long!
 This dress is from Sweetest Stitch. Its such a flattering dress and it has a tie on the side, so it will look fabulous on anyone! Oh and its totally on sale right now!! 
My favorite part of this dress is the length as well as the sleeve length! The fabric is super comfortable too. But if its a little colder where you're at, just throw on a nude colored sweater or cardigan. 

I also want to highlight my Kelly&Pavel necklace.
They specialize in custom jewelry (think monograms). The also have some personalized home decor as well. Everything in their shop is pretty much to die for! And unless you have the exact same initials as someone else, your piece is unique.
Marie and I both got the personalized bar necklace in Gold. I chose to have our wedding date (as Roman Numerals) engraved. Marie had her husband's initials engraved, IJD! Adorable!
Thanks to the wonderful Husband & Wife duo (Kelly & Pavel) for the fabulous and very special necklaces. Now, who wants one of their very own? I'm thinking giveaway time! Check back tomorrow for all the details! 
Outfit details:
Dress: Sweetest Stitch 
Necklace: K&P Designs
Bracelet: Loft (similar style at Forever 21)
Earrings: Gift (similar style on Amazon)
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar style at Toms)

Xo- Andrea
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