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Hey Babes!!

You know that one item that you basically always have with you?? My item is my pearl earrings, I basically live them in, day or night, all the time. Today I switched out my pearl earrings for a pearl necklace. Each week I spend time picking out my favorite necklaces or purchasing necklaces to share with you. This week's is one I've had forever and is totally a staple in my closet. It's my favorite necklace to dress up a plain T or a simple top.

The woven pearls are absolute perfection and mine has a little ribbon running through as well. Since this necklace is a little busier than most, I always pair it with plain tops that don't have too much going on. This necklace could definitely become over the top if it was paired with the wrong type of outfit, so be careful out there!!

The one that I have found for you for you is absolutely gorgeous. It is simply all pearl and makes my heart happy. You can find it on amazon here. This necklace is $11.55 with free shipping. J Crew also has some perfect woven pearls on their website. They are more pricey, but also absolutely beautiful!! If you want to see those, you can check those out right here.

I'm a strong believer in woven pearls and think every girl needs a set. If you don't already have a set in your closet, put purchasing some on your to-do list!


Recently I was chatting with a fabulous friend about shopping, Amazon and much more. She started explaining an amazing website to me and I knew I needed to share it with you. The website is called and it's basically an Amazon obsessed person's best friend.

The website compiles all information regarding items & selling price from and organizes it for you. Let me show you what I mean...

When you initially go to the site, it will look something like this...

You can utilize the search bar to look for any product you'd like. If the product has been around on Amazon long enough to have information, it will present a fabulous graph with the pricing statistics it has been through. It will show you the highest price, lowest price and current price so that you know when to buy it and if you're wasting your money. 

Let me give you an example. Let's say you've been dying to buy a LED Lamp for gel nails. You can simply look up on Amazon the specific LED Lamp you're interested in, copy the URL and paste it into the search bar on CamelCamelCamel. After you do this and press enter, CamelCamelCamel will show you all of the information and statistics regarding this product.

Now, if you scroll down you will see a graph that displays the trends in pricing throughout the last year. You can see which month the pricing plummeted as well as which month the seller was trying to get the most out of buyers. 

Right below the chart is my favorite information... The highest price, lowest price and current price. For this product, the lowest price is the SAME as the current price ($99.00). That means that right now would be a fabulous time to purchase this product. It also shows that the highest price it has been listed for was $144.94 and this was in May of 2015. 

Now, with most products it is likely that the current price and the lowest price won't be the same amount the moment you look at it. Here's another example... My husband and I are obsessed with quirky, disney shows. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was hilarious and we were determined to purchase it, just not when it was $25.00. 

So first, I went to and searched the movie, found it on Blu-Ray the way I wanted it, and copied the Amazon URL to paste into CamelCamelCamel's search engine. Here's a look at what came up. 

As you can see, the lowest price was in March ($13.00) and now it is back up to $18.99. This is where Camel Tracking can come in handy. Right above the graph, you can have them track your item and request to be informed when your product drops in price. 

As you can see, I put my desired price as $13.65. That means CamelCamelCamel will notify me when the product on Amazon drops to or below this price. Also, this item will be added to my tracked items which means I can keep track of it and always see what price it is at whenever I pull up

Are you in love?! I sure was. Never again am I buying a product off of Amazon before checking it out on camelcamelcamel!! 

Xoxo, Marie

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Since the first official day of Fall was September 23rd I thought I'd share my Fall favorites with you! I have a list of things my family does every Fall. That list has grown as my husband, Daniel, and I've met new friends and started new traditions.

These work great for date nights, friend outings, and/or family activities!

1. Go apple picking with friends. Bonus points for having a yummy apple party afterwards. My friends just did this!

2. Visit a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patches always get me in the fall spirit. Pick your favorite one and take it home.

3. Carve or decorate pumpkins. We usually paint our first round of pumpkins and carve our second round closer to Halloween.

4. Get lost in a corn maze. These are fun with friends, family, or even as a date night. Bonus points: Most corn maze's become "haunted" after hours!

5. Make crockpot Apple Cider. Your house will smell amazing for days! 

6. Make Halloween decorations. Sure you can buy some but making them is so much more fun.

7. Halloween Movie Marathon. This doesn't have to be scary! There are so many cute, family friendly Halloween movies. Daniel and I LOVE the scary ones. You know how ABC does the 25 days of Christmas? Well at our house we do 31 days of Halloween. It's one of my favorite traditions.

8. Make Halloween Costumes. I love making our costumes every year. You can be as creative as you want!

9. Scenic drive to see the Fall colors. Bring (or buy) some hot chocolate and play your favorite playlist.

10. Have a Pie Party. One of my friends hosted one last year and it was a blast. Making a pie is already fun and taste testing a bunch of other pies just adds to the awesomeness!

11. Go camping. We love camping in the Fall because of the scenery, obvs. But the cooler weather is perfect for snuggling! Indoor camping is another fun option as well!

12. Take family photos. Duh! Take advantage of the not so cold temperature and the beautiful scenery. It's a great time to get ahead on your Christmas Cards.

13. Pick PJ's out for each other. You can also just do warm socks or slippers. We just did this and both got each other Star Wars socks... I guess we really are soul mates!

14. Build a fort. Need I say more?

15. Make caramel apples. We make carmel apples and give them to friends every year during Fall. They are not very pretty but we can only get better, right??

16. Decorate for Halloween (or just Fall) together. We like coming up with a theme and then decorating based on that theme.

17. Make Fall crafts. I'm working on a post with my fave Fall DIYs. Stay tuned!

18. Volunteer! Really we should be looking for ways to serve all year long. But if you're lacking in the service department (we're all human), Fall is a great time to pick it back up.

20. Go to a Football game. It can be the local high school or favorite college team. There is just a special feeling about cheering your favorite team in the autumn air. Bonus points: Tailgate before!

21. Collect pine cones and leafs to make a Fall garland. Pretty self explanatory. I loved doing this as a kid and I might just love it more as an adult.

22. Go to a Haunted (or non-haunted) Halloween attraction. They are so creative these days! We've been on a haunted hayride, haunted cruise, haunted train ride, zombie shoot out, haunted corn maze, etc. 

23. Have a Chili cook off. My church hosts one every year and its so fun to get to taste everyone's chili and vote for the best one. My dad always wins in at least one category. I have yet to come close!

24. Throw a Halloween Party. It can be as small or as big as you want. Every year, Daniel and I host our annual Fright Fest! It's one of our favorite parties to throw for our friends.

25. Make a Fall Wreath. This is a great girls night activity!

26.  Sit around the campfire with friends. Bonus points: upgrade to a bonfire! 

27. FESTIVALS. No matter where you live there is bound to be some kind of Harvest Fest, Fall Fest, etc. We are so lucky to be living in NC right now because they have so many! Bonus points: Meet a Lil' Sebastian look-a-like.

28. Send letters to loved ones. I love sending surprise handwritten letters. I always through in a picture as well. Its a good warm fuzzy feeling.

29. Have breakfast in bed. Take turns making breakfast for each other or make breakfast together and jump back in the warm covers.

30. Make a Gratitude Jar. This is a new tradition for us. Take a jar and everyday take a minute to write something you're thankful for in your life. Read them on Thanksgiving!

31. Host a Cookie & Hot Cocoa Party. My parents have one every year and we look forward to it every year! You can make all the cookies yourself or have everyone bring their favorites.

32. Star gaze. Get warm and cozy and take a blanket to your back yard/back porch and enjoy the beautiful night sky. Don't forget the hot cocoa!

33. Invite someone new (or a family) to dinner. Family dinners are so fun and this is also a great way to meet new people.

34. Make Christmas wish lists. No matter how old Daniel and I get, making Christmas lists is one of our favorite things!

35. "Adopt" a family or an individual and help with their wish list. Every little bit helps!

36.  Write a letter to your future self. This one is a new tradition for us. But how cool will it be to read it 5 years later?!

37. Put on a variety show. Sing, dance, have a puppet show. Invite friends or keep it private.

38. Plan a dinner and music night. One of our friends does these regularly and they are so fun! We have dinner together and then play music for hours.

39. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Stay up late and watch the sunset. Fall + sunrise/sunset = magic!

40. Have a picnic in a scenic park. Don't forget your camera to capture the beauty around you! Some of our favorite photos were taken at one of our Fall picnics.
I'm sure there are many that I'm missing! If you have a favorite Fall tradition please share it in the comments! I hope you all have a magical Fall!

Xoxo, Andrea

Meet our gorgeous friend, Melissa.
She is an amazing woman, mother, wife and all around friend! Really, she's a dream. 

Well, she asked us to come to her house and help her update her closet. She kept calling it her version of What Not to Wear! Haha don't worry we were way nicer than the hosts of WNTW.

So here is our journey through Melissa's Closet! Follow along with your own closet in mind.

So first things first, its not just organizing your closet. It's cleaning out some inventory and updating it all together. We wanted to tailor this experience to Melissa. So first we asked what her priority was. Aside from decluttering her closet, she wanted fashion advice about what she was wearing, what she should stop wearing and also how to dress for her age. Take a second to think about what questions you should be asking yourself.

1. Organize and Distribute

We segmented our task by category. First we did all her bottoms, then skirts & dresses, then shoes and finally tops. We organized everything in the following:

Keep: Items that fit well, are still stylish and still a fave.
Maybe: Items that we didn't love but Melissa wanted to think about it before getting rid of it. Totally fair!
Donate: Cute but maybe not for me anymore. The Young Women in our ward would love it!
Toss: Old clothes that are stained, ripped, or simply can't be saved.

2. Evaluate

A few things we found in Melissa's closet that might be hiding in your closet too...

Remember these beauties?? They were the comfiest things in the world and SO cool. If you want to relive the memories, you can still buy them from Target, here!!! 

-Trendy 00's Shoes

Think Ugg's and "trendy" flats. Its time to say goodbye to these gems!

-Logo shirts
They were the bomb in middle school and high school. You wanted everyone to know you got your shirt from Hollister and similar stores. You know exactly what I'm talking about...

-Cropped Shrug Sweaters

These were super trendy! I still see these around but they're usually on little girls. 

-Trendy Pants

I'm talking embellished jeans, cargo pants, wide leg pants, etc..

If you find any of the above mentioned items in your closet, maybe give them a new home. Just our opinion!

4. Update

Our recommendations for Melissa:

Black Heels
Replace the outdated flats with slightly pointed, low heels. Heels show off your legs and Melissa has amazing legs. Serious leg goals!! H&M has a good, affordable option. You can find them here. Low heels are a good alternative for tall ladies and WAY more comfortable.

Melissa has lots of different colors of solid print shirts. An easy way to dress up plain shirts is by adding a blazer. Go for comfortable fabric and invest in heavy and light blazers for different seasons. I love Forever 21's selection. They're cute, affordable and overall comfortable! Check them out here.

Statement Jewelry
We didn't go through Melissa's jewelry. I know she has some fab pieces but you can never have too many pieces, especially if they are trendy and affordable. Check out our Necklace of the Week segment to find some of our favorites. We like using Amazon

Refashion and/or Make Alterations

M has lots of quality clothes that fit her great in certain areas. So instead of getting rid of all her clothes in the "Maybe" "Toss" or "Donate" piles, we first saw if we (she) could refashion or alter them somehow. 

By taking in the waist, the ankle/legs, etc she had a few "new" pieces in her collection!

Hanger Trick
Sometimes we love a piece but we don't wear it as much as we'd like. Maybe we really never wear it...Well this little trick helps! Flip all your hangers around. When you wear something, turn it back around. After a year (or whatever amount of time you set for yourself) donate whatever is still on a hanger facing the wrong way. Melissa had already committed herself to this before we even got to her closet! You go girl!

Mobile Closet
Everyone should at least consider upgrading their closet to a mobile closet. I've actually written a whole post on how to get started, here. Its a great way to really know whats in your closet. You can even create and plan your outfits ahead of time. Its a game changer!

And that's the end!
Melissa already has a great sense of style, but sometimes we all need a little guidance. Interestingly enough, Marie and I did this to our own closets the next day! 

I hope our little journey into Melissa's closet gave you ideas on how to update your own wardrobe!
If you ever have fashion questions about updating and revamping your wardrobe, let us know!! We had so much fun with Melissa that we'd love to do it again! 

Now for the real talk. Remember, at the end of the day YOU are the only person you need to impress. Fashion is fun but never change who you are because of it. Instead use fashion as a way of expressing yourself. You, yourself are the staple piece. Everything else is an accessory.

Xoxo, Andrea
Would you believe me if I told you most of Belle's outfits were purchased for less than $4?? Oh, and that most of them are also brand-spanken new???! Believe it or not, my mother and I have taken this whole buying Belle cheap clothes thing to an extreme and I absolutely love it. We follow two main rules and it has saved us an unbelievable amount of money throughout the past year. 

First Trick: Learn the TARGET MARKDOWN SCHEDULE!! 

If you call my mother at 8:00am on a Monday morning, she's at Target. You might wonder why that was the first thing on her to-do list for the week... That is simply because kids clothes get marked down on Monday mornings and she wants to be the first one there to grab the good stuff for her grand-babies. It's a bit of work getting their that early, but it is sooooooo worth it. 

 Since she gets there so early, she sometimes beats the workers and they haven't applied the new discount stickers yet. She grabs what she loves, heads to a machine to re-scan (since some items have been discounted even more through the computer system, but haven't received the new sticker), and decides which items are a killer deal, and which ones would be better to wait another week to see if they go down more in price. 

Here's the schedule to stick with: 

Monday: kids clothing, baby, books and electronics
Tuesday: women's clothing, food, domestics
Wednesday: men's clothing, health & beauty, furniture
Thursday: shoes, houseware, toys, decor, sporting goods
Friday: cosmetics, jewelry, hardware, auto 

Second trick: Buy children's clothes in ADVANCED

The best way you can find killer deals for your little ones is buy shopping for your child seasons in advanced. Recently, Target has been trying to get rid of all of their summer gear which means it's the perfect time to buy Belles gear for next year. Pay attention to your child's size throughout the past. Belle has always been small for her age, hence I can do the math to get an approximation of what sizes she will be wearing next summer if she stays at the same growth rate. I try not to purchase super trendy items for Belle since you never know if it will still be a huge hit a year down the road.   

After I snag some killer deals, I go home and organize the purchases I made in advanced. I currently have three bins in Belles closet for future outfits. Belle is currently wearing 9-12 month clothing, so I have 3 bins labeled 18 months, 2T, and 3T & up. This prevents her room from being a disaster as well as missing out on outfits I had bought in advanced because I didn't know where they were placed. 

The main lesson?? Be smart with your purchases and don't underestimate the power of waiting a few more days to see if it will be marked down even more. My rule of thumb is not to buy any kids clothes unless they are 70% off, or you're dying to purchase it. They grow up way too fast to be paying any more than that!! Do us all a favor, take a screenshot of the Target Markdown Schedule and start saving!! 

Xoxo, Marie 
I got a new car! Well, its a used car BUT its new to me!

I'm pretty in love with it. It really is everything I wanted, the process was smooth, and the deal we got was amazing!
As happy as I am about this purchase, there was a purchase we made a few years ago that didn't go so well....

Let me tell you a quick story. 

The year was 2012. I was a recent college grad who landed a sweet job with a tech company in the valley. I was making way more than I was used to... Also its important to note that I drove a '98 Oldsmobile. It had a big V6 engine and tricked out lights built in the car that flashed to the music. I felt like such a baller when I was cruising through Utah County (I know, I know). Anyway, my dad said I really should get another car that fit my new life a little better and to start building my credit (also because my Oldsie was braking down ever few weeks). I've always been very frugal with my money, so the thought of putting a chunky down payment and opening a line of credit freaked me out. But my dad was right. I needed a reliable means of transportation and I needed to start building my credit. So Daniel and I went to a dealership "just to look" and 4 hours later we had a shiny red car. Now, I love our Corolla! It's so reliable and gets great mileage BUT it was a terrible experience and i'm convinced we over payed... 
[Sorry for the bad quality! It was pretty dark outside when we took this]

That's the reason I'm writing this. I don't want anyone to make the mistake we did. Daniel and I did a lot of research this time around and we've compiled it into a list of what we think are the most important things. I present you....  

Andrea's Guide to Buying a Car

Before the Hunt

1. Research to find what type of car you want. If you start looking at available cars first, the features, colors, price, etc. may distract you from what you really need.

When we were thinking of buying our second car, we thought about what we wanted first. We love the outdoors and going on trips with gear, so we knew we wanted something bigger than a sedan. We'd love to pull our parent's small boat and/or their pop up camper but we don't need to pull anything bigger than that. We also don't want something that guzzles gas. Ok so we agreed on a Compact SUV

2. Now that you know what type of car you want, research what make, model and year are the best.

Check out the Best Cars Ranking from U.S. News, they've already done all the research for you. This step will help you set a realistic budget. We knew the type of car we wanted was a pricier choice but with help from this list, we were able to find what category worked best for us. Check it out! The 2010 Toyota RAV4 is straight up ranked #1!! Wahoo! (That's what we got!). You don't have to commit to one car yet, but I would keep it to no more than 3. We had 2 types of vehicles on our radar: 2010 Toyota RAV4 and 2010 Honda CR-V (#1 and #2 on the list).

3. Make a wish list. But make sure that's only what is.. These are just extra perks. Not deal breakers. We had the following on our wish list:
- White/Pearl color
- Leather seats
- Seats that warm up
- Roof rack already installed
- Trailer hitched installed
- Sun roof
- Blue tooth
- Rearview camera

Spoiler alert: we were lucky enough to get everything on our wish list (except the trailer hitch). 

4. Make a game plan. We used a site called Car Gurus (they have an app too). Essentially it tells you that inventory of local dealerships, used car lots, and private sellers. Since you already have the specific make(s) and model(s) you're looking for, just search those. It made our game planning much easier than it could have been. After playing around on the site, we noticed 2 main lots that seemed to have the best inventory according to our needs. Plan to hit up your desired car lots on a day when all the decision makers in your family can go and spend a few hours. You don't want to be rushed! 

The Hunt

1. Don't buy a new car. Just don't! New cars lose 70% of their value in the first four years. But this shouldn't be a problem cause you've already identified your top 2 or 3, right??
2. Try to avoid dealerships. For the most part, their prices are higher (just our opinion, but we've never had a good experience at a dealership).

3. IF you buy from a private party, go to a mechanic you trust and pay them to take a look before you buy. Think of this as a Home Inspection for your car. If you find something wrong with the car, it sucks that you're out some money BUT you could have bought the car (for a whole lot more) and found a problem later...

4. Go to a used car lot. They have less of a dealership mentality and their prices are better than the dealerships (from our experience).

5. Don't be passive. If you feel like you've done your homework and are ready to move forward then plan on buying a car that day (if you see what you want). If you're interested in a highly ranked car, chances are its not going to be around for a while. The better a car is the more likely it will sell quickly. However, if you're not feeling it, then don't move forward. The last thing you want is to feel regret after spending thousands of dollars.

6. Don't buy something because its a good deal. There was a neat car that was SUPER cheap that had what we needed. I was almost convinced that it was ours. When you get in this mind set you may over look other aspects. For example, this car had a million miles on it but I kept justifying it. (note: Don't let cars with lots of miles scare you. As long as the ROI is there and you've researched that specific make/model then you're ok).

7. Don't just negotiate price. There are lots of ways to do this and probably tons of articles out there that can help you become a better negotiator. But when buying a car some places won't negotiate the price for whatever reason. You should still negotiate features and/or services. The car lot we went to didn't negotiate prices at all (because they were already so cheap). But we negotiated a lifetime warranty and a bunch of extra add-ons.

8. Cash cars for the win! If you are in a financial position to pay for your new-used car upfront, do so. Not much beats owning your car and not having to make payments. It's always better to live within or under your means when possible. If you were like 2012 Andrea and you need to build your credit, then you'll need to get a loan. BUT make a plan of when you're going to pay it off. Shoot for a year. But my best advice is just follow the steps above but search for a car that you can pay for full upfront.  

10. Be happy about your purchase and treat your car well:)

We did everything on this list and had such a great experience and found the perfect car for us. We got everything on our wish list, and no car payment! Give this guide a try and let me know how your experience goes:)

If you have any questions about buying a car or just general family finances, please reach out! My husband and I can't really cook or clean (or even keep a plant alive). But we are really good with our finances so we'd be happy to help!

Happy Car Shopping!

Xoxo, Andrea

Today's outfit of the day is all about comfy + fall. It's kinda like a Target, meets Sweetest Stitch, meets Kate Spade...

 I'm loving this new dress I recently purchased from Sweetest Stitch. When I saw the way the pleats laid on this dress, I knew I needed to purchase one for myself. I'm always looking for a comfy, staple dress and this one rose to the occasion!! The fabric surpassed my expectations and it is literally comfy enough to SLEEP IN!! I ordered a medium, in hopes of getting a little extra length on the legs. Overall, It was definitely a fabulous purchase and you can get the same one right here! Oh, best news of all, its on sale!! 

My necklace might look a tad familiar... That's because it was the Necklace of the Week a few months ago!! Incase you missed it, you can check it out here. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm OBSESSED with the beauties you can find on Amazon for cheap!

You can't see my shoes super well, but I'm basically obsessed. I purchased them Target a few months ago and I find myself wearing them multiple times a week. They are the perfect flat and I absolutely love this style... I've been debating for months on purchasing another pair. Same style, different material and color! You can see the ones I've been tempted to purchase right here.

Anyone else LOVING that fall is right around the corner?? In North Carolina right now, the weather is absolute perfection which has me reaching for all of my upcoming fall favorites! Can't wait to share more of my favorites with you in upcoming weeks!!

Xoxo, Marie


I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with Marie's Necklace of the Week segment. Adorable and affordable necklaces?? Yes please!

She was sweet enough to let me take over this week and show you guys this gem!
Our friends over at Brickyard Buffalo sent me this adorable 18k gold-plated necklace along with the gorgeous top featured in another one of our posts (you can see it here).  It's not so much a statement piece. Its more of an accent to compliment your outfit. The mod design is  definitely my favorite part.
I'm totally obsessed! It normally sells for $20 but for the next 2 days you can get it on their site (here) for $9.99!
I paired it with one of my favorite J. Crew Cardigans and a cream 3/4 sleeve Forever 21 shirt.
Have you guys been able to check out Brickyard Buffalo yet? They have all sorts of clothing and accessories at lighting deals! Seriously, the items and deals on their site only last a few days and then they're gone!

Well, the awesome team over at BB is giving one of our lucky readers a $50 Swag Bag! Today is the last day to enter! You can enter on our Instagram page: or just use the handle @TwoBabesOneBlog.

The giveaway closes at 12pm MT and a winner will be announced 48 hours later.
Good luck!!

Xoxo, Andrea


Today (September 12th 2015) is Duke Football's Home Opener. Now everyone knows Duke is THE basketball school (2015 National Champs say whaaaa?!) but we also have a football team! Now before you LOL, you should know that they are actually pretty good - and getting better! The game today was sold out!

Its not that we're hardcore football fans, its more like we just love our school!! Everyone has a team and a color. So this OOTD is dedicated to ours! Go Blue Devils!

Game day looks can range from preppy and formal to casual. I love tailgates partially because I love what people are wearing. Theres always that person with a wig the color of your team, the girls with the cutoff shorts and adorable cowboy boots, the group with matchy-matchy shirts, etc. 

Today's game did not disappoint!

Marie and I went for the matchy-matchy look. 

We both got Duke Football Nike Jerseys. TJ Maxx and Marshall's never disappoint when it comes to school gear. 

These Nike Jersey are retailed at $42 but we got them for $9.99. Crazy good deal! Here's one of our favorite tips in buying our team's gear. The Boy's section! Everything is cheaper and its smaller than the men's, so clothing fits better. These "Boy's" Jersey's came in 2 sizes bigger as well. 
We snapped a few photos before heading to the tailgate. 
I honestly think we were more excited than our husbands! haha!

At the tailgate we ran into a few Duke Basketball players (and one former player/NBA player)
Brandon Ingram, Chase Jeter and Brennan Besser. These guys were amongst the top recruits in the Nation and are totally gonna help Duke get another National Championship! 
Nolan Smith, former Duke Basketball player. Part of the team in the 2010 National Championship. Former NBA Baller. What a gentleman! 

It was an awesome Saturday night with some of our favorite people cheering our favorite team. And we beat North Carolina Central 55-0!
We want to see your Game Day looks! But regardless of what you wear, just cheer loud!

Happy Game Day, Babes!
Go Duke!
Go (Insert your team here)! 

Xoxo, Andrea

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