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Currently Obsessed: Creating your Mobile Closet!

Hey Babes!
Ok so if you're anything like me, sometimes when you're getting ready, you get a little frustrated and this basic girl sentence comes out: "I literally have NOTHING to wear!!" My sweet Daniel has heard those words out of my mouth SO many times!

D: Are you almost ready, Sweetie?
Me: No!! I literally have NOTHING to wear!! (Standing in a closet full of clothes..)
D: You seriously have a million things to wear... What is all of that in your closet?
Me: I hate all of this!

Does any of this sound familiar? Well for the record, I don't hate all of my clothes. I love my clothes! But sometimes when you're in a hurry to get ready for whatever other reason, it may be difficult to look at your closet and really see your options.

I totally found a solution with an app I've been using for a little while.

It's called Pureple, its free and I'm hooked!
It has a very simple interface and there is no limit as to how much clothes you can add (which I've heard is a thing?!)

So all you do is take pictures of your clothes and add them to whatever category you like. If you don't want to take pictures of your clothes just find your same clothes on the internet. Its definitely a time commitment if you take pictures of your clothes but it gives you an opportunity to go through your closet and really see what you have. 

Whenever I'm loving my outfit, I'll take a picture and upload it to Pureple. That way I can remember what it was. 
I LOVE the "filter" option. Sometimes I struggle with what to wear to church on Sundays. We have 9am church, which means we're already running around in the morning trying to get out the door on time. So with the filter option, I just select "skirts" and "dresses" and Boom! I can plan my outfit from bed!

Another feature is the "Outfits" section. Using your clothes (or anything from the internet, really) you can create outfits and save them. I pretty much plan my outfits for the week this way!
Mobile closet organizing has seriously been a game changer for me! This isn't an exclusive or expensive method either. Most people have smart phones and most of these apps are free! Like I mentioned before, Purple is free! You can download it here. 

 If you want options, here are a few more closet org apps I've heard good things about:

Download it here.

Stylish Girl
Download it here.

Download it here.

Download it here.

Hope this helps, Babes!
Have fun organizing your clothes and upgrading to a mobile closet!

Xoxo, Andrea
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