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Currently Obsessed: Lilash

Okay ladies,

You know those women who you just stare at and adore their eyelashes?? The women whose eyelashes are full and long and you have total eyelash-envy?? Well, that's definitely not me. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have the worst eyelashes. My little wannabe eyelashes have always been short, stubby and wishing they had a little length.

A few months ago I started using the Lilash serum on my eyes and have absolutely loved it. When my husband saw that I got it, I expected him to laugh and think I was pathetic for buying the serum in hopes of some magic. Surprisingly, he told me about how he had learned in medical school how there is like a medical science to how the serums work and help lengthen your lashes... Sounds legit to me!!

I first received my Lilash about three months ago and I have put this stuff on pretty faithfully each night. I probably missed a day here and there, but I tried my best to put it on consistently. After about a month or two, I started seeing benefits which makes it even easier to remember to put it on. 

Lastly, be careful where you purchase your serum from!! Some places thing they can charge you an arm and a leg for this serum... AKA over $100... I've ordered my two bottles from eBay and they have worked wonderfully and I only had to pay about $20 for each of them!! I've also heard wonderful things about other serums such as Babe Lash. Totally amazing stuff, I just wasn't able to find as cheap of a deal! Have you tried any serums that have worked for you?? We have Andrea trying out a different lash serum that we will definitely be reviewing for you guys in upcoming months!!!

Happy Lash Lengthening!

Xoxo, Marie
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