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Surprises and Steals: Gap Edition

Hey babes!!

As of lately, I've developed a new love for Gap. Gap Kids, Gap Body, Gap whatever... I love it. Most of their clothing is not only beautiful and affordable, but washes up really well. Throughout my past few weeks of searching through sale racks, I've discovered a few tricks and tips when shopping at Gap.

Two weeks ago, we were at the register purchasing some amazingly cute shoes and a top for my little Belle and the woman behind the register asked if we wanted to donate a dollar to The Boys and Girls Club, and proceeded to tell us something good would happen if we donated... With intrigue as well as excitement, we went for it and this knocked off $10 from our total!! Since I was already shopping from the sale rack, this allowed me to get the shoes and top for Annabelle for about $3.

After chatting with the woman behind the register, she proceeded to tell me that Gap and The Boys and Girls Club have a great relationship and this isn't the first time they have done this deal. This also means it probably isn't the last. Obviously I left in an instant and went straight over to Gap for myself to see if they were also doing this for us big kids... Yep! I grabbed a pair of clearance sandals and ended up literally paying ONE DOLLAR for my sandals!!

Needless to say, I will keep a careful eye out for the next time they do this fabulous donation deal and I will let you know immediately when they do!

The second tip I have for you has to do with this fabulous peplum top.

It has been crazy clearance season at all of my favorite stores (i.e. Banana Republic, The Loft, J. Crew, etc), and Gap was the same. I was searching through the sale racks and I saw this cute top with a little tag that said it was an additional 20% off. As I read the tag and looked at the shirt, I recognized the discount was simply because there was a little bit of makeup on the collar. My husband is always showing me how to hand-wash stains out of clothes (I may or may not spill all over myself pretty much everyday) so I tried on the top, loved the fit and went for it. After the 40% off clearance and 20% off because of the stain, this put the top about $5. I took it home, gave it a little love and the shirt looked like new.

As I've chatted with my ladies since, I've come to realize this discount because of someone else's makeup stain is common. I've now purchased two tops at a screaming deal because of this and both stains have come off super easily. Can't say it will always happen this way, but i'm feeling pretty great about my odds thus far!!


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