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Sunscreen... Over the course of my life, I've had a lot of mixed feelings with sunscreen. When I was 12 it was my mom hollering at all of us kids to put on our SPF +60 while all of our friends were playing in the sun. In high school and college I recognized how beautiful skin could be with the perfect tan and thought of sunscreen as a way to ruin that look (Dang!!!). Now here I am, in my twenties, worried that I'll get skin cancer because of those tan-obsessed days. 

On the downside, I can't go back and fix the damage done... On the upside, I can do all I can to protect my skin from here on out and hope it's enough!!! So because of this new obsession, fear, awareness of sun protection, I've done my fair share of driving one of our neighborhood dermatologist residents crazy with questions.  Here is the low-down of what i've been able to gather... Make sure your sunscreen has Zinc and/or Titanium. This way you can sing Titanium by David Guetta the entire time you are at the beach you can be sure that your sunscreen is actually protecting your skin and that you know exactly how it is protecting you. Here are a few sunscreens we have grown to love...


The Elta MD line is supposed to be extremely protective and recommended by the best dermatologists. It has Zinc, Titanium and a bunch of other fabulous protective minerals. Their line has tons of fabulous products ranging from tinted moisturizers, sprays, lotions, daily sunscreen and sport sunscreen. 

Here's where you can research their website on your own: Elta MD
Here's a link where you can get it on Amazon: UV Clear: Broad Spectrum

The Honest Company

Okay so here's the deal, The Honest Company has taken this baby world by storm. From their diapers, wipes and body wash, I hear mothers everywhere raving about their love for this company. They pride themselves on keeping true to integrity and knowing exactly what is going into your babies products. One of the co-founders of The Honest Company is the incredible and beautiful Jessica Alba. Zinc Oxide is one of the active ingredients and there are also a bunch of fabulous organic ingredients as well.

Here's where you can get to know The Honest Company: Honest
Here's a link where you can get their sunscreen: honest sunscreen lotion


Recently, I've fallen in love using Neutrogena- Pure and Free Baby on my little Annabelle. It went on really well to her soft little skin and took a while to rub in (from what I hear, that's a good sign). She didn't get even a little bit of a sunburn and she was a happy baby all day at the pool!! I mean, who doesn't want a happy and healthy baby?!?  

Here's where you can learn more about Neutrogena- Pure and Free Baby: Neutrogena
Here's where you can buy it on Amazon: Pure and Free Baby

Hope this helps a tad when you're thinking about your next sunscreen purchases. I'm constantly trying to figure out the best kinds so I'm sure in a few months I will have an update for you about more summer sunscreen favorites!!  Happy Summer!


You know those days when all you want to wear is a white tee and jeans??? Well Steph has shown us how we can look fabulous and still be comfy. Steph's jeans, top and belt are all from Gap and personally she makes me want to hit the mall ASAP. Sporting the top not with her pop of color, clutch, she's ready for anything! 

Oh and can we talk about her high waisted jeans?!? She makes them look incredible and she swears by the comfort. I'm thinking maybe we all need a pair of high waisted jeans? 

Hope you're ready for a fabulous weekend!! 


On Monday, one of my fabulous friends suggested we do a massive beach trip. Since we live in North Carolina, this is a plausible opportunity but sometimes a little daunting considering up packing up the babies, ensuring there is enough sunscreen and diapers to go around, and enjoying enduring the 2.5 hour car ride to the closest beach. The eight of us ladies knew that vacations and summer fun would get in the way of a group trip so we decided there was no better time than now to get in the car and enjoy a day while the men were away.

Can we talk for a moment about how perfect a day out with the ladies is???? There's just something about talking with your girlfriends about anything and everything that comes to mind for 9 hours straight. Did we get bored? Nope. Did we run out of conversation? Nope. Did our babes throw tantrums occasionally? Totally. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

One thing I noticed IMMEDIATELY was how perfect these ladies were dressed. I immediately knew I needed to document there perfect outfits.

This is Steph and she is an amazing woman inside and out. I've never seen this girl look anything but perfect. Her style is unbelievable so don't be surprised if we post about her all day, errry day!!

Doesn't she seriously make you wanna pack up and go to the beach?!?!? Oh, and just to make you love her a little more, she got her hat from the J Crew Warehouse Sale for ONE DOLLAR!!!! Crazy right?!? More details to come on that adventure!!

Now our next lady is Melissa and she is a freaking babe! She's one of those people that you want to be around because you're hoping to become as sweet, kind and generous as her! Do you ever get home from the beach with a burnt scalp or look like a lobster?????  Her husband is a dermatologist, so she is all about skin protection but makes it look freaking classy!  

I just bought my first rashgaurd at the J Crew Sale and I am beyond excited to start sporting mine. As you can tell, the beach was a blast so next time you're debating on going on an adventure, DO IT!!! 


Cheers to being bold, being fearless and empowering those around you. Let light be your passion and love be your purpose. Here’s to the dreamers, the optimists, the wanderlusts. Here’s to you!
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