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Altering Right into my Heart... and My Closet!

Hey Lovelies!

Whenever I go shopping, I ask myself this question: Do I NEED it?

Sometimes you get sucked into a really cute trendy piece, or maybe something you kinda already have. Aaaand sometimes the price isn't looking too friendly... 

But what happens when you find something that you really love but its too big or there is one thing about it that you don't really love? Two words: Alter it! With a few minutes you can change/modify/adjust clothes to be perfect for you! 

This whole outfit was altered! I also have a bunch of other pieces in my closet that were altered as well! Because not much beats a sweet deal for something you love!

I found this classic b&w striped skirt in the Maternity section of Old Navy. Yup, you heard that right. Im happy to say it was too big... But man! I never knew Maternity clothes were so comfortable! 

So with this skirt, I loved the length and the thick stretchy fabric. Like I mentioned earlier, it was too big so all I did for this skirt was flip it inside out and sew along the original side hems by just a few inches so it would fit me. Seriously, thats all! 

Did I mention the skirt cost $5? Old Navy FTW!

As for the top...

I took one of my little sisters to Rue 21 (total trendy teenage store). She loves the huge sale/clearance section. The stuff back there is like $3, $5 and $10. Super cheap! Anyway, I was helping her find a cute outfit for a dance or something and I'm always on the lookout for a stylish professional looking top. I saw this top and loved the color, fabric and ruffle. I could already picture it with some of my skirts and blazers. The only thing was it had kind of a weird ruffled elastic waistband at the bottom. I hated it! The top was amazing except that detail... 

But when an adorable top is $3 you can spend 5 minutes of your time for one quick alteration - especially if you love it! So for the top all I did was turn it inside out, folded the bottom hem up and sewed along the original hem. 

So both of these pieces have been altered for the better and I more importantly, I made them work for me!

So... do I need it? Well, its $3 and with 5 minutes of my time it will be perfect, so YES! I do need it:)

Xoxo, Andrea

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