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Lipstick Lovers

Ever looking for that fabulous lip color but not willing to pay $39.99 for it??? Well I sure have. If there is anything that instantly makes you look more put together, it's lip color. Totally transforms you from a total mess, into a beautiful mess. 
Throughout my makeup days, I've tried to balance myself between spending loads of money on products and getting the cheapest/not so great looking products. Recently, I've found a little secret treasure. Wet N Wild lip color is not only the cheapest, but also the best lasting. Because let's get real, the LAST thing you need is to get home and realize that half of your red lipstick is smudged from your bottom lip and the rest of it disappeared approximately 3 minutes after you put it on. Total letdown.... 
So check it out, here are my favorite colors and they are cheap.... UNDER $2... I purchased all of mine from Target! Happy Lipsticking!!

Just Peachy:

I've definitely gotten the most use out of this one!! It's so versatile and I can throw it on with whatever I'm wearing. I love how it doesn't look like I'm caking on the lipstick, yet it helps me get a little more color on those lips! 

Dollhouse Pink: 

Could the name for this color be any more perfect!? This is one of those colors I love to pull out when I'm ready to be noticed and have a good time. It stays on beautifully and is suck a fun pink!! 

Smokin' Hot Pink 

This one is more of your classic red/pink. Perfect for date night or when you're just feeling like you need a nice lip color! 

24 Carrot Gold:

Although I can't say I have a favorite, I lovvvveeee this color!! It's bright, spunky and has just enough of the orange tint. I wore this color to church a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it!! 


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