Guest Contributor: Natalia Lisi | Andie Ibanez

Guest Contributor: Natalia Lisi

Comfort + Style

Hey Hey Hey its Natalia!
I’m wicked excited about sharing my latest shopping experience and some other fashion advice with you! So lets get started!!
 I’m gonna talk about a couple of things I look forward to in clothes and shopping in general. For me, I like to look for two important things in clothing: comfort + style. What’s the point of buying a cute outfit if it’s uncomfortable? Exactly! There is no point! That's why I purchase comfortable jeans or soft everyday pants. I’m also a huge sucker for incredible deals! I love the amazing feeling of feeling accomplished when you find something super cute on sale. Lots of the clothes I buy are both super cute and super cheap. I remember finding the cutest pair of black high waisted shorts from Pac Sun one day for $3. They’re adorable and I’ve had them for like 2 years now!

 Now on to my recent shopping trip, a couple of days ago I went to a warehouse sale courtesy of Agnes+Dora. Even though I arrived late, there were still plenty of awesome options left. There were a variety of different patterned skirts, dresses, shirts and leggings/pants. For me it was hard not to go crazy and buy everything, it was that good. Their prices ranged from $2-$25. It was a crazy sale and I think that was a big factor in me LOVING it. I managed to grab myself a couple of cute items: shirt, skirt, pants, etc.
 You see these pants right here? These are the infamous Harlem pants. Cute right? It's the beauty of comfort and style all together!
 I paired these lovely patterned Harlem pants with a simple white v-neck , a pair of coral flats and a loose gold colored necklace. A simple cute/ easy outfit that you can wear whenever and wherever!
Shout out to Agnes+Dora for having by far the COMFIEST and cheapest pants ($2) I’ve ever owned. EXTREME STEAL!

Next up!
  I'm in LOVE with this fun Agnes+ Dora shirt!
 I mean how much cuter can it get? First off, it's a lovely crème shirt with black polka dots and a bright red collar and it was only 8 bucks, STEAL.
I was pretty obsessed with the shirt that I COULD not wait one more day to wear it. So being me, I wore it to school the next day! Lovely right!?
I matched my cute shirt with a pair of simple black high waisted shorts (also tucked my shirt in). To top it all off, I wore my black and white converse and a couple of cute mismatched bracelets.

And finally... this cute pencil skirt!
 Pencil skirts are my go to skirts for a formal event and most especially those church Sundays!
Let me just start by saying I might have a slight obsession with anything floral, just look at my closet! so when I spotted this adorable pink and black floral skirt, I was in skirt heaven! I jumped at the chance and I bought it! 
 I paired my floral skirt with a cute grey pocket tee tucked in, a simple black H&M necklace, some mismatched bracelets and a pair of black high heels. 
Now here’s the thing about these Agnes+Dora pencil skirts. There are so many cute patterns and they're completely modest! How many cute pencil skirts do you find that are modest, cute and comfortable? I mean it’s cool if I wear it to church every Sunday right!?
If you guys haven’t checked out Agnes+Dora, you’re missing out. Go check out their stylish modest clothing! Its something you won’t regret!

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

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Xoxo, Natalia
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