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Review: GelTouch Mini

I have a love-hate relationship with painting my nails. I love when they're done but get so discouraged when they chip 5 hours later. Gel nails were obviously the solution but the polish is a pretty penny and you pretty much have to build your collection from scratch. One of my best friends had tons of gel polish, a legit LED lamp and an amazing steady hand for painting nails but now that I am 2,000+ miles away I needed to figure something else out.
I recently got a GelTouch Mini because it was a cheap and easy way to get the gel effect. Check out how easy it is and why its so great!!

First start with a fresh prepped hand. Push back any Remove any nail polish, shape your nails, push back/remove cuticles, moisturize, etc)
Paint your nails normally with a color of your choosing. Literally any color. That amazing color you got at Forever 21 for like $2 on clearance? Yup that one will work too! For better results do a second coat as well.
Now comes the fun part. Take your GelTouch gel polish and apply a coat to the top. Make sure you get the top of your nails as well to create a strong seal. 
Then take your little square LED light, open the legs and plug the USB into anything. I usually watch movies on my laptop while I do my nails so I just plug it there. The Mini is designed for when you're on the go so it's really only meant for one or two nails at a time. 
Cure for 60 seconds and you're done!

My absolute favorite thing about GelTouch is that it turns any normal polish into gel that lasts!!

You can get the kit here:
Let me know how you like it!
Xo - Andie
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