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J. Crew Warehouse Sale

So if you’ve read our About us you know that we LOVE a good deal. We also love fashion. One of our favorite brands is J. Crew (obvs) but sometimes – most of the times – when you or your spouse is in school you can’t really afford it. Aaaand we kinda fall into that category – Duke ain’t cheap!! Anyway, one of our friends told us about a killer sale J. Crew has every so often. Its something that is kind of a secret I guess because its hard to find out info on the internet. She slipped us a piece of paper with a phone number on it and told us to call every so often. The people on the other end of the phone don’t even have that much info to give. They usually know dates about a week in advance it seems like.

We found they were having the sale on the weekend of June 12th.  We had no idea what to expect. This was our experience….

 - 1 week before the sale: Found out about it
 - 1 Day before the sale: Went to J. Crew at the mall to confirm our sizes (their sizes run big).

We also called one more time to confirm the sale was still happening. Since the sale was in Virginia and we’re driving up from NC, we wanted to triple check. We were told people had already started lining up! So we pretty much grabbed a tent, blankets and junk food and jumped in the car. When we got there, we saw 40 or so chairs lined up but not a soul in site except for one lady. WTH right?!? It turns out people set up their chairs as place holders and sleep in their cars or at a hotel. So here we are, 3 girls, a baby, and a tent.

The next morning people started arriving. The doors opened at 10am so we had a little time to wait. 

Skip to the good part…

Best steals include: 
Swimwear $5 | Tops $10 | Skirts $15 | Pants $15 | Dresses $20 | All accessories $1-$15 | Shoes $15+ 

Here are my personal spoils:

I didn't even get the most stuff! My only regret is not getting more swimsuits. When you a J. Crew swimsuit is $5 you get more than two! Sheesh!

They have the sale in Asheville, NC and Lynchburg, VA. We'll keep you posted as to when the next one will be held, but until then here are 10 tips and tricks to make the most of your experience. 

1. Wear leggings and a tight shirt. No changing rooms = try on clothes on top of your clothes.
 2. They give you a huge (very thin) trash bag. These bags rip sooo easy so be careful when/if dragging your bag. They get heavy really fast! Don’t be shy about asking for another one.
 3. Grab anything that’s cute and looks like it may fit. You can always sort later.
 4. There are no mirrors so bring your girlfriends or someone who will be honest!
 5. There are boxes under the table – Totally fair game.
 6. Be kind but don’t let anyone walk over you.
 7. Have someone in your group wait in line as it will get really long REALLY fast.
 8. Ask to clarify prices. There is a lot of grey area and if you ask, its likely you'll get a cheaper price
 9. When you get to the check out table don't be afraid to bargain! Seriously! Don't be too pushy but explain why it should be a different price. Example: There was an adorable passport cover that I loved. They said it would be $8 but I explained I thought it was $3 because it should fall under "small accessories." So yeah, I got it for $3! 
 10. Set a budget (but treat yo' self) and have fun!!

Overall our shopping trip was a huge success! Who doesn't love J. Crew at AMAZING prices??!! Plus not much can beat a mini road trip with your BFFs!

Xoxo, Andrea

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