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Cheers to being bold, being fearless and empowering those around you. Let light be your passion and love be your purpose. Here’s to the dreamers, the optimists, the wanderlusts. Here’s to you!
About Me
Hi friends! I was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia (South America) and I came to the U.S. with my parents and older brother to chase the American Dream. I grew up in Provo, Utah and I dated my fair share of Provo All-Stars (google it) before I met my Prince Charming in 2011. I married Daniel Swain on February 11, 2012 (best decision ever!) and in 2015, Milo the baby Yorke joined our family. I have a degree (and a career) in Business – and I LOVE it. I’m a passionate believer in loving one another and empowering those around you. I am an advocate of using your voice and your platform for the betterment of people, especially those who are underserved or underprivileged. This blog is for and inspired by the dreamers, the optimists, the wanderlusts. It’s inspired by me and you!

Stay a while, won’t you?

And a little bit of history...
This blog originally started out as Two Babes, One Blog. It was a Life+Style blog by me and my best friend Marie. We met in 2014 after we both moved to North Carolina from Utah so our Husbands could study Medicine at Duke University. We became BFFs instantly! We realized how much we had in common but at the same time how different we were. We've been inseparable ever since! You can keep up with her on This Week with Marie!

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