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Currently Obsessed: Annabelle's Portrait

You know those timeless pieces of artwork you have in your home? Currently obsessed would be an understatement of how I feel about a portrait I recently had sketched of my little Belle. I had it done by the incredible Anna Peterson of arp portraits and I haven't been able to take my eyes off of it since!!  I am amazed with the talent of Anna and she did an incredible job at taking the beauty from a photo of Belle and portraying it in a beautiful sketch.

I'm sure by now you've recognized what a huge penny-pincher I am. Worth the money??? ABSOLUTELY!! Literally, if we're faced with a fire this is one of the first things I'm grabbing! Our little ones are only little for so long and I am thrilled to have a beautiful piece of artwork to be able to keep my little Belle young forever. 

Now let's talk about you, we have got to get your hands on a piece of artwork like this for your child (or children). As I stated before, her prices are amazing to say the least, and TOTALLY worth the money. Beyond her amazing starting prices, she's agreed to give all of our blog followers and additional 20% off!! BOOM!! Absolutely incredible! Just mention the blog and the discount is yours!!

You may be thinking, "this is great Marie, but I don't live in North Carolina". Low and behold, you don't have to live here to take advantage of this opportunity, anywhere in the U.S. will suffice! Anna actually did this piece with a photo of Belle... Therefore you could get a piece like this without actually living in North Carolina (although come on, we'd absolutely love it if you moved out here and joined us in this state!).

What do you need to do??? Do us all a favor and contact Anna Peterson to discuss getting a piece like this done for yourself. Whether it's as a gift, special occasion piece, or just something you're dying to have done... Contact her!! 

Her email is:

She's currently doing sizes 8x10" and smaller, which is absolutely perfect as an accent piece that you can hang on your wall!! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Anna Peterson at Plus, don't forget to get your 20% off discount! Love you all! 

Xoxo, Marie 

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