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I have a love-hate relationship with painting my nails. I love when they're done but get so discouraged when they chip 5 hours later. Gel nails were obviously the solution but the polish is a pretty penny and you pretty much have to build your collection from scratch. One of my best friends had tons of gel polish, a legit LED lamp and an amazing steady hand for painting nails but now that I am 2,000+ miles away I needed to figure something else out.
I recently got a GelTouch Mini because it was a cheap and easy way to get the gel effect. Check out how easy it is and why its so great!!

First start with a fresh prepped hand. Push back any Remove any nail polish, shape your nails, push back/remove cuticles, moisturize, etc)
Paint your nails normally with a color of your choosing. Literally any color. That amazing color you got at Forever 21 for like $2 on clearance? Yup that one will work too! For better results do a second coat as well.
Now comes the fun part. Take your GelTouch gel polish and apply a coat to the top. Make sure you get the top of your nails as well to create a strong seal. 
Then take your little square LED light, open the legs and plug the USB into anything. I usually watch movies on my laptop while I do my nails so I just plug it there. The Mini is designed for when you're on the go so it's really only meant for one or two nails at a time. 
Cure for 60 seconds and you're done!

My absolute favorite thing about GelTouch is that it turns any normal polish into gel that lasts!!

You can get the kit here:
Let me know how you like it!
Xo - Andie
I love cardigans and I love bodysuits. I have long legs and a short torso so whenever I can make my torso appear longer, I'm game! Both bodysuits and cardigans help with that! 

Outfit details below:)
First let's start with the cardi. Go long here! Pick a color that you know you could pair with other items in your closet. If you're not a pink girl then get a different color. Just get something you love!

Here are some similar styles:
I'm obsessed with bodysuits because I love the tucked in look. You never have to think twice about your shirt bunching or coming untucked. It's pretty great!

Here are some similar styles:

Pair the outfit with your favorite pair of jeans and some cute booties and you are golden! 
Xo - Andie

Business casual.
That is probably my favorite type of dress code. I am in meetings all the time so I want to make sure I always look presentable. I feel my best and therefore perform my best. Business casual is also pretty forgiving! One simple piece can really make it. Blazers are perfect examples. Add a blazer to a casual look and all of a sudden you have a business casual look! But as much as I love blazers, today we're highlighting another statement piece - neck tie blouses! Bonus points for floral because who doesn't love floral in the winter?!
Here are some similar styles to my floral top:

Aaaand for the pants:

Last but not least, some fun booties:

Boom! Business casual!
What's your favorite business casual look?

Xo - Andie
I wanted to post this on inauguration day but to be honest I just couldn't believe it was actually happening. I kept thinking someone's just gonna come out and say "Just kidding, America! We sure got you!" And I'm still waiting... But this is our reality now and it's OK to protest. Even if it's a silly little video.

Anyway, this is a mixture of my disapproval, disgust and disappointment of Trump and my appreciation and obsession with Hamilton. The original song was about John Adams and didn't make the cut for the show but Lin-Manual Miranda blessed us with the Hamilton Mixtape and Watsky killed it! The first time I heard it I immediately wanted to rewrite it and make it about Donald Trump. Also, one of my New Years resolutions was to write a rap, but since this is a parody maybe half credit? 😂

Anyhow, here is my open letter... #SitDownDrumpf #HowIProtest

Here is the video:
Just in case it doesn't work, here is the link:

An open letter to the fat, arrogant, orange, narcissistic, national embarrassment known as President Donald Trump - Shiiiiii

The man's irrational and we can't get no sneak peak
of his taxes and everybody knows that he's so weak
Trick, please!

You have no clue what you're doing,
you're always going berserk and you never do no damn work
Give my regards to Vladimir next time you cheat and steal a national election
Now everybody's scared and needs protection - Ohhh

the country's divided its heated again
While the president tweeted again
Ah such a rough life
Fear and lies magnify
"Make America Hate again"
Don't like anyone different you racist
how you talk about women you sexist
We've been calling you a prick, your tiny hands make us sick
And you the very definition  of a fascist

You nuisance with no sense
You would die of your arrogance
and I beg you to aspire to our level
but you aspire to malevolence
Say hi to that CRAZY PENCE!
You amaze and disgust
with your utter lack of concern
I don't care if I hurt your feelings with this letter I'm confining you to one term
Sit down, Drumpf, you fat motherf-----
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