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8 Trader Joe's Must Have Items

Let's get real, we've all heard of Trader Joe's. For the longest time I didn't give it a chance because I was convinced everything was over-priced and over-rated. Yet throughout the past year, I've become a believer. They pride themselves on their friendly and helpful staff and they don't disappoint. Need different types of cheeses for a party??? A staff member will chat with you and make sure you're getting exactly what you want. Bonus: if you don't like what you get, they encourage you to take it back to the store.

There are a billion different products at Trader Joe's and it can be a tad overwhelming when you don't know what to get. For Trader newbies, here's a list of 8 Trader Joe's items that you've gotta start with. For long-time Trader Joe's lovers, here's 8 items that you need to make sure you've tried before.

8. Corn and Chile Pepper Salsa

This salsa is UH-maz-ing!!! The corn and peppers work so well together and it is absolutely delicious. Trader Joe's made the perfect blend of sweet and spice with this one!!  

7. Sweet Chili Sauce

Their Sweet Chili Sauce is just incredible!! I put it on potstickers, but I've heard of incredible recipes with chicken and other types of meats as well. Just like the salsa, Trader Joe's knows exactly what to do when mixing sweet and spicy to leave you wanting more.

6. Mini Peanut Butter Cups

Call me crazy, but I may or may not love these WAYYYY more than the normal Reese's... They have a better balance of chocolate and peanut butter, plus the peanut butter is smoother and more delicious. This is one of those snacks you hide from your hubby so that you get them all to yourself.

5. Milk Chocolate Bars

Embarrassing fact about Marie... I hide these around my house so that I always have them on hand. If you haven't noticed I have a pretty intense sweet tooth. This chocolate is not like your normal chocolate. Its imported, and you can definitely tell the difference. Remember, not all chocolate is created equally!!

4. Coconut Oil

Did you check out Andrea's fabulous post on Coconut Oil?? If not, you can check it out here. I have a strong love for coconut oil, and Trader Joe's is my absolute fave. It goes incredibly in all recipes that call for coconut oil and it can be used for a billion other things as well! 

3. Macaroons

Their macaroons are definitely a splurge at $4.99, but they are sooooo ridiculously good. Whenever we have a party or something I can justify purchasing them for, I do it in an instant. Macaroons are just heaven and Trader Joe's knows the way to my heart with these babies. 

2. Cookie Butter

Oh Cookie Butter, pretty sure everyone in the entire world has already heard of the infamous Cookie Butter, but just incase... Cookie butter is a spread kinda like peanut butter, but tastes like gingerbread instead of peanuts. Its sweet and absolutely delicious. I literally eat a spoonful of this everyday and its just a staple in my household. Some people choose healthier options, such as pairing it with apples or a piece of bread. I'll stick with the spoonfuls...

1. Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese

My personal favorite is their Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese. Holy Crap. This stuff is remarkable. We eat it with crackers and it instantly makes your day better. I'd try to explain the perfection, but I wouldn't do the deliciousness justice. You're going to need to eat this stuff to believe it!!

Do me a favor, walk run to your closest Trader Joe's and pick up these items. They are wonderful items to not only try, but to also keep in your pantry!! 

Xoxo, Marie

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