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Most of you probably don't know but Milo totally has his own Instagram account! I noticed pretty much every picture I posted on my private account was of him so instead of filling everyone's feed with pictures of my little pup, I made his own account and people can choose to follow or not:) I'm surprised by how many dogs have their own Instagram accounts. Its been so fun to follow different dogs and meet new people! You can find and follow him @meetlittlemilo

Warning. He's really cute and your heart may melt a little.

Ok so I'll let Milo tell you all about his holiday...

Milo: Hi friends! This was my first Christmas and boy did I love it! First, its important to note that my parents kinda love every holiday - so they get pretty into it.

For starters, here I am in a stocking. I actually didn't mind it at all. I kind of love the attention.

 Also, I met Santa! To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan. I was actually pretty scared!

 Here I am cosplaying Darth Vader and celebrating Star Wars with my two favorite toys. What can I say, I'm kind of a bad boy.

 Oh this was the worst day of Christmas break.... my first haircut. Hard pass.

Visiting my Great Grandma & Grandpa Lisi in Pennsylvania! I sure loved snuggling with them. Grandma's hugs were amazing and Grandpa even snuck me some chicken! Don't tell my mom!

 Christmas Eve Jammies! I was really tired here and mom made me take a picture.

 I had to guard my Christmas gifts! Just kidding. But I did get in trouble for trying to open them early...

I loved opening my gifts. I totally knew what to do! My Grandma Susy and my Aunt Natalia got to see me open my presents! I love technology!

 The next few days were spent in my elf jammies. My mom and dad have matching ones too!

 A lot of my holiday was spent taking naps on my mom's shoulder.

I also went on hikes and walks with my parents. It was 70+ degrees the entire break!

 But overall, my first Christmas was magical! I got so many gifts from aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents and I loved spending so much time with my mom and dad!!

Happy Holidays!
Love: Milo

Happy Holidays!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions are Christmas cards! We love sending and receiving them. Seriously! We love seeing how families grow and change from year to year.

Here are our Christmas Cards throughout the years!

We were engaged but not married yet. We still wanted to do a Christmas card and start a family tradition for our future family! The picture was accompanied by an actual card and we only made copies for our parents.

 Newlyweds. Our first Christmas as the Ibanez-Swain family!

Things got a little weird for our 2013 Christmas card. We fully embraced our photoshop skills and our love for cats.

The inspiration for our 2014 card was the one thing we love most next to our families - Star Wars.

Now for this year's card we wanted to highlight the newest member of our family, Baby Milo! You can barely see him in regular pictures because he is so small. This is an accurate portrayal of how he see's himself. We love his big personality. We are so blessed to have each other. We are also extremely lucky to have such fabulous friends and family to give and receive Christmas cards in the first place!

Merry Christmas, Friends!
Cheers to 2016!

Andrea, Daniel & Milo

Wether its your kid, a sibling, neice/nephew, friend or whoever - teens can be difficult to shop for...
So I  enlisted the help of my three teen siblings, Natalia, Jeffrey and Benji to give us some ideas for gifts that they would want. They are all have very different personalities and it definitely shows in their gift guides.

Meet my sister, Natalia. 

She's creative and bright. She loves swimming, cheerleading and taking care of others. Check out her gift guide below!  

1. A pink wand - I absolutely love curling my hair and wands are the best!  

2. Sports Tickets. But if we're talking about me, then Utah Jazz tickets! I'm a HUGE fan of course!

3. Jersey. Again if its for me then a Gordan Hayward jersey! Cause when you have Jazz tickets you NEED a jazz jersey!


4. Jewlery! Cute long & layered necklaces and statement earrings.

5. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme - an eyelash extension kit 

6. Red High Top converse- I'm a converse girl. End of story. 

7. Faux fur vest - They are so adorable and totally in right now! 

8. A mid-length striped dress

9. Warm Pastel colored sweaters - if you live in Utah, then you'll understand the need for these.

10. Celebrity crush poster. For me? SHAWN MENDES!

11. Emoji pillows! They're super fun and cute! 

12. A neoprene bikini. Never to early for a cute bikini! 

13. Pure seduction shimmer gift set! 

Up next:

Meet my little Brother, Benji. 

He is an all around athlete and entrepreneur in the making. He'll be a millionaire someday.

This is what was on his radar:

1. Hoverboard 


2. Joggers

3. Star Wars Vans

4. Basketball Shooting sleeve

5. Fpv quadcopter

6. Phone charging case

7. Chacos

And finally...
Meet my little brother, Jeffrey. 

He will be 14 in March and enjoys science and the arts. I'm pretty sure he's a genius.
Here is his list.

No joke - these are the 5 things he wants for Christmas. Keep in mind he wrote these himself... (Brb. Dying) 

1. Objects that provide elevated entertainment levels for extended periods of time, multiple times. Like a gaming console or computer.

2. Peer approval. To achieve this, it is likely you need to buy something expensive, dazzling, or uncommon, to invoke emotions from others.

3. Currency. This gives children the illusion of choice /of course, it is an illusion thanks to first world commercialism./ currency makes them feel powerful, and safe, because they have a safe garde and entertainment key all in one.

4. Potential. Give them the ability to make themselves popular, or give them the tools to gain their own money. A camera, or sewing machine, or microscope.

5. Love, security, happiness. Give this gift by spending time with them, or showing that you care.

Yup. Thats Jeffrey. 

Hope these three (two, really) gift guides gave you some last minutes ideas on what to get the special teen in your life!

Xoxo, Andrea

We've had some warm days in NC lately and as much as I've loved it I've also been torn because I wanted to wear more of my Fall/Winter attire. Well now the weather is getting colder and I was able to bust out the coat I bought in NYC last month. 
Everyone should have a few trusty coats that are cute but also great for the cold weather. They really are a staple in your Fall/Winter wardrobe!

Coat: Search and Destroy - East Village, NYC (similar style at ModCloth)

Now lets talk about dresses.

This dress is like wearing a giant cozy sweater. Its one of the comfiest dresses I've ever worn! this dress is perfect for layering as well!
Outfit details:
Booties: Gift. Similar style at Kohl's
Tights: H&M
Dress: Target (Lots of different styles)
Scarf: Cotton On

This dress is also amazingly comfy. I love long sleeves on dresses. The floral and fur combo made the look a little more fun. I definitely get good use out of my faux fur vest. 
Outfit details:
Faux fur vest: Gift - I believe Forever 21 (similar style at Target)
Floral Dress: PacSun (similar style at Nordstrom)
Peep Toe Booties: Madden (similar style at Toms)
Purse: H&M (Similar stye with fringe here)

Here are some of our most popular party posts! Have a blast planning and throwing a fab celebration! 

Note: We will continue to update this Party HQ page so check back frequently!

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