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If you're scrambling to get things ready for Easter, here are few pictures from our family Easter party last night! We love celebrating holidays all together so just being with each other was so much fun! We missed Daniel though!
  Egg dye and bunny chairs on point!
  Also, the more treats the merrier! My mom made a bunch of sweets, my favorite being crema chantilly!
And these bad boys...
 Everyone had a different vision for their Easter eggs. I decided to go silly with mine!  Who doesn't love emojis? All you need is strong yellow dye (Hint: use more vinegar) and a black marker. You can get more creative if you have different colors of markers as well.
Here are all of our eggs! I spy a cute green M&M and a Minion! Nice job, Natalia!
No matter what your beliefs are, Easter is a fun time to be silly and creative with people you love!

Happy Easter Weekend!

Xo - Andie
The 90s were so dope. Besides the music and TV shows, my sister and I were both born in the 90s.
This is Natalia.
I love Natalia. We're so much and love hanging out with each other. She has actually stopped by the blog before! You can check out her guest post here.
We were shopping one weekend and saw these 90s shirts at H&M. We knew we had to have them. 

We also made these fun flower crowns. Each one cost $1 to make. DIY for the win!
All we did was hot glue big flowers to twine. SO easy and totally cute!

Natalia is the Converse queen so we coordinated our high tops. Add skinny jeans and boom you got a simple mod-throwback look.

 Outfit details:
Top: H&M

Jeans: Andie - J.Crew | Natalia - Forever 21

Flower crowns: DIY. Similar styles below

Shoes: Converse All-Star Converse

I love being her big sister. 

Life is so much better when your sisters are also some of your best friends!

Xo - Andie
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As a Latina, I was raised in a household where everyone helps with the cleaning. It isn't just mom's job. So growing up, Saturday mornings pretty much looked like this:

8:00AM - Mami wakes up

8:15AM - Mami blasts her latin hits playlist think: Shakira, Thalia, Selena, Marc Anthony, etc.

8:20AM - "Despiertense, Enter made up name here!" Examples include: "Despiertense, Ratas de dos patas!" and "Despiertense, Pollitos!"... You get the picture. (Translation: Wake up!!)

8:30AM - Cleaning begins whether the kids like it or not. Mami leads by example while singing and dancing at the same time.

Sleeping in just isn't allowed in most Hispanic households.

Now that I have my own little family, I see myself doing almost exactly what my mami did. Well, that is with the exception of sleeping in. It is so hard to get out of bed when you're snuggled next to the World's best husband and puppy. But as far as cleaning goes, I've adopted my mami's style, her singing and her dance moves...

When it comes to cleaning, my mami taught me to just do it right the first time. That's why its worth getting the good stuff. So let's take a quick trip to Walmart!
Our neighborhood Walmart is so close and convenient! They always have what I'm looking for and the prices are unbeatable! Milo and Daniel love when I go to Walmart because I always bring them home a treat.
 Here is what we're using today:

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Clorox Liquid Bleach
Pine-Sol Lavender
I wanted to focus on the following: Clean. Disinfect. Aromatize.

Here are some tips, tricks and hacks that my mami taught me!

#1 - Mami taught me to start early and never forget the music. Today we're listening to Juanes!

#2 - Mami taught me to wipe things down first. It makes a big improvement and makes you feel accomplished right from the start. 

#3 - Mami taught me that a house that smells like lavender is a clean house.

#4 - Mami taught me that the best way to get kids involved was to make cleaning fun. Include incentives like sticker charts! I had my little siblings help out by promising ice cream afterwards.

#5 - Mami taught me to wipe down doorknobs as often as possible. Its one easy way to stop the spread of germs.

#6 - Mami taught me to always use an apron. A cute apron, of course.

#7 - Mami taught me to always use bleach to keep my whites looking their best. Clorox for the win!
#8 - Mami taught me that cleaning was a family affair. Milo is helping by looking adorable...

#9 - Mami taught me the concept of cleaning in layers for the best results. Clorox helped me with this one too ;)

#10 - Mami taught me to always wear flip flops while cleaning to avoid leaving marks on the ground.

#11 - Mami taught me that a clean home was a happy home.
 #12 - But mami also taught me that more important that a clean house, is a close family! Well actually, Ann Voskamp said that but mami decided to borrow it.
All done!

I can always count on Clorox to be on my team for a total clean! These products kill 99.9% of household bacteria in your home and work together to clean, disinfect and aromatize! Learn more at

Xo - Andie 
 Cookies and Milk are so my jam. I'm also a lover of parties... and friends. Oh and birthdays.

I'm also totally cool with throwing myself a birthday party... because why not? For 25 I decided to throw a Cookies and Milk party with my favorite girls.

It is such an fun and easy idea to work with. You can do so much with it!
Naturally, we had lots of different cookies to choose from. Including some of my favorites: Chocolate chip, Oreos and Swig sugar cookies. Cookie Bar for the win!

 And you can't forget about the Milk! My bestie, Marie, spoiled me and got the good stuff! This milk is local and so bomb.
 Like the theme, I kept the decorations pretty simple. I cut out a bunch of brown circles and drew chocolate chips on them. Done!
 We ate way too many cookies, played games, decorated cookies and just chatted!
 I loved celebrating my birthday with some of the most fabulous friends you could ask for!

Cheers to 25!

Xo - Andie

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