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J. Crew Adventures: Tent Sale!

Some weekends are great, but some are absolutely spectacular!!

This past weekend, Andrea and I went to another J. Crew clearance event. Andrea did a fabulous job giving all the details of our first warehouse sale, which you can check out here. This time, they labeled their event a "Tent Sale". At first, this kinda freaked us out! We had no idea if a tent sale would be as amazing as a warehouse sale or if it would be worth the 2 1/2 hour drive that it would take to get there. I called their clearance store a few times throughout the week in hopes of getting a little more information on how good of a deal this would be. After talking to a few associates, I had the feeling it was going to be very similar to a warehouse sale, but with only women's clothing.

After discussing the sale with my girls, we decided that we would most definitely be jumping in the car at the break of dawn Saturday in hopes of getting to Virginia before the sale started that morning.

We were beyond grateful we decided to give their tent sale a chance because it was even better than we were anticipating!!

Here's what the J. Crew/Madewell prices looked like:
  • Basic Ts-$8
  • Embelished Tops-$10
  • White Jeans- $8
  • Pants-$12
  • Skirts-$12
  • Sweaters-$15
  • Dresses-$15
  • Cashmere Sweaters-$40
  • Flat Sandals-$15
  • Ankle Boots-$40
  • Tall Boots-$50

Killer prices, am I right?? Please put going to one of these sales on your life's bucket list because it is absolutely incredible getting such high quality clothing at a such a great price! Enough of my chatter, here are a few photos I snapped for you!

Andrea and I ready for the event to begin!

As we walked in, they gave us our price list, as well as a mesh J. Crew bag since we were outside. (The normal plastic bags would have ripped in about .5 seconds!)
As we walked in, you could see the tables and tables with boxes completely full of clothes! 
Glamorous?? Absolutely not. Worth it?? YES! 

Overall, their tent sale was a lot less crowded with cheaper prices in some categories! Now one secret we haven't spilled yet, is how to find out about these killer sales. Truth be told, it takes a lot of consistent calling to their clearance stores. They only announce the sales a few days in advanced so most of the time you call and hear info regard the last sale they had. It takes about 15 seconds so I call a few times a week. Here are the phone numbers for both of their clearance stores. 

Ashville, NC : (828) 687-6475
Lynchburg, VA: (434) 316-6324

They have an automated messaging system which allows you to find out about upcoming sales without having to talk to anyone! 

So you may be thinking... Great Andrea and Marie, but I live on the west coast or way too far away from Virginia/North Carolina to make this sale worth it. Lucky for you, I just got off the phone with the North Carolina Clearance Store and we chatted for a few minutes about REGIONAL sales.. These are warehouse sales, but not at the clearance stores. This means there could be a sale in a city that is closer to you!! 

They've put us both on an email list to to send us info about not only upcoming clearance store sales, but also regional sales. This way we can keep you up to date about if there are sales coming your way!! 

Needless to say, we were stoked when we got home and could wait to show our loot to our hubbies!

Here are a few pictures of what the other ladies got... 

Andrea's Haul 

Mary's Haul 

Steph's Haul

Truth be told... I would drive more than 2 and a half hours for this sale... So basically, if you live on the East Coast, you've got to come to one of these sales!! 

Xoxo, Marie 

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