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Jeweled Tops- Worth the extra love?

One thing that I have always loved throughout my life is jeweled tops. They have their fair share of Pros/Cons but I always find myself loving them, even though they have a little bit of extra baggage...

I snagged this Jeweled Top from J. Crew and have absolutely loved it, despite having to fix one jewel that little Belle ripped off... (Definitely a shirt to wear when the husband is around to help manage the little ones!) I love these Jeweled tops because they have so much beauty and yet you don't even need to add a necklace! Although the photos don't do the jewels justice, they are so fun and your eyes automatically go straight to the intricate designs and beauty!

I love this top because it is sweater material, but short sleeves! I was able to wear it on a hot summer day in North Carolina with no complaints! Yet I also feel as if this top would be a PERFECT top as things are getting a tad cooler and fall is coming into the picture.

Now, lets get real with the cons... As I already said, I've had to fix one of the jewels since they can fall off easily, especially if you're a momma. Along with this, they need some deep love when you wash them. You definitely can't just throw this baby in the washer and expect her to come out without some serious casualties. Lastly, the jewels actually add a little bit of weight to the shirt. Not enough to actually be a problem, but with the sweater material its something to at least be aware of. 

Final Verdict: I totally think every girl needs to have a jeweled top. Although the cons can sometimes be a little weighty, I still love my jeweled tops. They have a way of being extra beautiful, yet not over the top. Below I'll link ya to a few beautiful jeweled pieces that I think you might fall in love with!

Xoxo, Marie

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