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the Original Beauty Blender- Is it Worth the $$$?

Alright, we have GOT to talk about these beauty blenders.

I was first introduced to the infamous blender about a year ago, but at $20 I didn't jump on it...  That is a nice chunk of change for our little med student family and I couldn't commit too quickly. I saw reviews pop up online with demonstrations all over the place, but I wasn't quite sure it would be worth it.

A few weeks later, I was in TJ Maxx and saw a generic "Beauty Sponge". Looked the exact same, just a different name on it. These babies were $5. More affordable and I was totally willing to give it a shot for 5 bucks. I used my little wannabe Beauty Blender for a few weeks, but recognized that it was taking off some of my foundation and not blending as beautifully as it was supposed to. Thoughts of purchasing an "Original Beauty Blender" came to mind and it just made sense to give it a try and compare.

The way these beauty blenders work is that you take the sponge, get it wet so that it expands and lightly dry it with a paper towel. After this, you are able to simple dab your makeup around and blend it together to result in a flawless, airbrush finish. I was ready to put the "Original Beauty Blender" up against my generic blender. When it came in the mail, the first thing I did was compare how much each sponge expanded when wet. The generic gained a little weight... but the OBB almost doubled in size?!

Now, whats really important to me is how it actually works. In the end, I decided the generic sponge did pretty much nothing for me.  I felt like it took most of my makeup off which resulted in me using more makeup and going through my supply quicker... $$$  It was probably about as effective as my fingers would have been...

The Original Beauty Blender did the total opposite, it expanded quite a bit and as I dabbed/rolled it on my face, it actually blended my makeup beautifully and it resulted my makeup in a dewy, airbrushed look. JUST LIKE THEY SAID!!

My final thoughts: Don't waste your time with an inexpensive generic blender. It will likely have you wasting $5 in the long run. Do purchase your Original Beauty Blender! Especially if you use any type of liquid or cream as your foundation. I've seriously never felt so confident with the way my foundation looks and feels. #WIN

Xoxo, Marie
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