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The Little White Tee: Your Underrated BFF

The little white tee.
Its a staple in any closet. Its a must have! But its totally underrated!

The beauty of the little white tee is that it pretty much goes with anything and everything. I like to think of it as a plain white sheet of paper that you can turn into whatever you want! And the best part is you can always wipe your slate clean each night and create something new and beautiful in the morning. I've used my little white tees everywhere from my corporate life, to GNOs! All you really need is a little creativity and a few accessories.
 For today's ootd I decided to go with one of my many comfy white tees. Obvs.

 I got this one from Forever21. Their tees are SO comfy and SO affordable! You can get the same one here for $3.90!! 
As for the rest of this outfit:
This blazer was a TJ Maxx find but you can get a similar one from Nordstrom, here.

The heels were a gift from my hubby. He definitely has good taste!! I haven't been able to find ones exactly like mine but you can find a similar style at Nordstrom, here.

I got this skinny braided belt from J. Crew a while ago but you can get a similar one from Tilly's, here.

And these trusty (and stretchy) Forever21 jeans are always between $8-$10. Umm, I'll take 5 pairs please! You can get the same pair, here.

This look is totally business casual with emphasis on the casual. If I take off my blazer and switch to colorful flats - boom! I have another outfit. Its always a win-win with the LWT!
Someone once told me that its hard to mess up when you're cooking a crockpot meal. I think that is even more accurate in reference to the little white tee. You really can't style an LWT wrong. Let it be your BFF and celebrate it! Just make it your own! Be comfortable and confident, and more importantly... be you!!

Xoxo, Andrea

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