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Last Minute Easter Inspo!

If you're scrambling to get things ready for Easter, here are few pictures from our family Easter party last night! We love celebrating holidays all together so just being with each other was so much fun! We missed Daniel though!
  Egg dye and bunny chairs on point!
  Also, the more treats the merrier! My mom made a bunch of sweets, my favorite being crema chantilly!
And these bad boys...
 Everyone had a different vision for their Easter eggs. I decided to go silly with mine!  Who doesn't love emojis? All you need is strong yellow dye (Hint: use more vinegar) and a black marker. You can get more creative if you have different colors of markers as well.
Here are all of our eggs! I spy a cute green M&M and a Minion! Nice job, Natalia!
No matter what your beliefs are, Easter is a fun time to be silly and creative with people you love!

Happy Easter Weekend!

Xo - Andie
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