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Cold Weather Essentials

Winter. Some people love it, some hate it. I don't mind the cold weather as long as I'm not actually cold. That makes perfect sense, right?
I'm from the desert where summers are super hot and dry. I love the dry heat. I'm currently living in the south where summers are hot and humid. As much as I love the south east, I'm not a huge fan of that part.

Now winter is another story. In Utah we get a lot of snow and winter lasts forever!! It often feels like we only have two seasons. But I shouldn't complain because Utah is so beautiful in the winter. Their plowing is on point compared to other places. For example, right now North Carolina is pretty much shut down. Schools and many workplaces are closed. Even most fast-food joints are closed. Many main roads haven't been plowed yet (including ours) and everyone is staying home. NC doesn't have the resources that Utah does (plows, etc) so its completely understandable. The snow is also more like ice instead of the powder we get in the west. So even though we only have a few inches in NC right now, its better safe than sorry.

Regardless of what winter looks like where you're from, staying warm and cozy is a must!

Here are some of my cold weather essentials

I'm not really a tea snob, I just don't like it very strong. My favorite is Chamomile and Yerba Mate. I pretty much stick to herbal tea. If you're a tea lover, check out these adorable tea rest. Brb, buying one now.
If tea is not your thing, there is always hot chocolate. Yummy!

Cozy Socks
These socks though. I must admit that I got three different pairs similar to these ones - a kitty and a fox. They're from Target and were $1!!! You would've gotten 3 pairs too!
Here are some styles that I love. Isn't it weird the older you get the more excited you are about socks?

Fluffy Robe
Robes are life, especially fluffy ones! The robe I have is so bomb because its warm, fluffy, pink and has a hood - oh AND pockets! Whaaaa?

Here are a few I have my eyes on...

The "Right" Blanket
Everyone has their personal preference. I like heavy blankets (think Mexican blankets) or fluffy blankets, aka microplush throws. You also can't go wrong with a nice fleece blanket. Really its just whatever works for you!

Check out these bad boys!

A Hobby/Craft
I've gotten into crocheting lately. Coloring books are also a perfect indoor activity! I recently did a post about grown-up coloring books - check it out here.
I'm a fan of DIY projects so if you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few DIYs Marie and I put together:

A Treat
Its ok to have a treat! Just like with everything else, in moderation. My favorite cold weather treats are warm cookies and cold milk. Oh and popcorn!

If you want to be proactive while indoors, why not give yourself (or your closet) a makeover?! I actually enjoy going through and organizing my closet. I usually find gems that I totally forgot about! Why not use this time to upgrade your closet to a mobile closet? Check out my post about how to do just that, here. You can also use my dear friend Melissa as inspiration! We went through her closet and spilled all the details, here.
And what about your face? I love practicing new makeup techniques and trying out new products. Here are some of my new and old favorites!

A Movie or Show
There is nothing wrong with binge watching from time to time. Some of my favorite series to re-watch from time to time include: The Office, Parks & Rec., The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you get the picture.
Daniel and I just finished binge watching Making a Murder and I am convinced I now have my law degree! That show though!! I can't even start right now. Moving on.... A few of our favorite movies to watch are the Star Wars movies, the Lord of the Rings movies, the Harry Potter movies, again you get the picture. I'm also pretty obsessed with Pride & Prejudice. I've watched it twice in the last week - its on Netflix!

A warm cuddly puppy or baby.
Or both if you're lucky.

Stay warm and cozy!
Xo - Andie

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