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Fall Art for the Babes

The leaves have started to fall here in North Carolina and I am always amazed by their beauty. As I watched the leaves blow across the street today, I thought about how this is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year. I stumbled across some "leaf art" recently and had to share all of the adorable ideas I found with you!! How much better could a day be than collecting leaves with your little one and creating a little piece of art with the leaves you found?! Here are a few of my favorite ideas I was able to find recently!! 

Could this little owl be any cuter?! The original idea came from here and I can honestly say it is my absolute fave! 

This little hedgehog really got me thinking! I feel like this is certainly one of the easiest leaf art activities out there and I love how a child at ANY age could do this and make an adorable little hedgehog out of it. Totally fail-proof! I found this original idea here.

I honestly don't even know what these little creatures are, but are they cute or what!? Goes to show you can literally make a cute little animal/insect/bird out of any leaf!! I originally found this piece of fall art here.

Last but not least, these little pups. or are they mice...? Who knows, either way they are so freaking cute. We have these leaves all over our front lawn and I absolutely love it!! I found this specific example from this site.

Are you inspired?! I sure was!! Can't wait to make a piece of fall art this season with my little Belle!!

Xoxo, Marie
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