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Saturday Lunch & Ootd

Daniel finally finished up his OB/GYN rotation and came home! The hospital was 2 hours away so I only got to see him on weekends. It wasn't ideal but we knew what we were signing up for when we accepted Duke's offer. He'll be home for a month and then he leaves for Asheville, which is why I'll be going home to Utah for the whole month of March!

To celebrate Daniel's return, we decided to treat ourselves to a nicer restaurant. Thanks to Triangle Restaurant Week, we were able to do so at an amazing price. Daniel really wanted to try Fairview Dining Room.

I was just there with a few of my girlfriends a few days prior but I was more than happy to go again! There were plenty of things on the menu that I really wanted to try.

The FairviewDining Room is located at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club.
Can we talk about how pretty this place is?
We did a little bit of shopping afterwards. Daniel got some fun stuff but I didn't actually get anything because I'm at a point where I have so much clothes that I haven't even warn yet, I couldn't justify getting anything until I clean out and organize my closet. Give me a few days and I'll be back in business;)

Saturday's OOTD - simple and dressy.
This lace skirt from J.Crew is one of my favorite pieces of clothes I own. It can dress up pretty much any top and its so girly!
Here are some similar styles

My top is also from J.Crew. Its like a t-shirt with structured sleeves. Its pretty great. I haven't been able to find a similar one yet so if you find one, post it in the comments! 
My earrings are from the Etsy shop, Wild Grae. Her button earrings are so cute and affordable! Check out her shop, here.
I got these nude pumps from Forever21 a few years ago. They are the comfiest heels I own and they pretty much go with any outfit. 

I got my suede purse from H&M a few years ago and I forgot I bought it until a few weeks ago. Check out these similar styles.

Oh and can we talk about this sweater for a minute? Its so soft and cozy. 
I got mine from Banana Republic on sale. Here are some similar styles.

I can't decide what is more fun. Going to lunch/brunch or putting together outfits. I'll take both!

Xo - Andie

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