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Gold Canvas DIY

Ever seen canvas cut-outs?? They are absolutely beautiful and such a unique decor item in any home! Believe it or not, doing a canvas cut-out is EASY. You don't really have to have much artistic talent, besides the ability to trace (which even my 3rd graders could handle back in my school-teaching days).  Well, I undertook this little DIY throughout the last few months and I finally had time to finish up and tell you all about it!!

First things first, you'll need your supplies... For mine, I used 6 pieces of canvas (6 in. x 6 in.), an Exacto Knife, print outs of some Geometric Patterns, and Gold Spray Paint. THAT'S IT!! For the pieces of canvas, I used a Joann's Fabric 40% off coupon which made it less than $10 for all of them! I also had a friend with me and she used a coupon for my exacto knife too... Cha-Ching!!

Once you have all of your supplies, you'll start by choosing a geometric print (or any print, I looked up geometric prints on pinterest and searched google for designs I loved) and tape this to the back. If you were super artistic you could create your own, but I knew mine would look way better if I left it to the geometric prints! After I chose a few prints I loved, I started by grabbing one and taping it to the backside of the canvas. As you can see, my print wasn't quite long enough horizontally so I just etched the rest with a pencil on where I wanted my lines to go.

Once you've done this, you're ready to grab your exacto and go to town! (Make sure you have hard plastic or something like that under your canvas since your cutting all the way through) You're simply tracing pieces out of the canvas. 

Once you trace a piece out, you can flip it over and try to pop it out. Sometimes it pops out perfectly, and other times you'll need to do a little work from the other side as well. Either way, it is simple and you can totally handle it!!

Once you have completed the entire pattern you can flip it over and see what you've done!! You can definitely leave your canvas white, but we currently have white walls where I wanted to put these in our home so I decided I was going to spray paint these beauties into a different color. I ended up choosing gold (worked great with other decor and I already had the spaypaint on hand).

Does anyone else get TOTALLY freaked out when spray painting an item they just finished?? I get so nervous that the material won't take the paint well or that I'll do a horrendous job and regret my chose to change colors. Well, I was thrilled with the way these came out! Here's a picture of the gold spray paint I use. It's amazing!! 

The canvas material took the paint like a champ and I'm astonished that these turned out as well as they did!!

Basically what i'm trying to say is, if you need a DIY project or an inexpensive new piece of decor in your home, you've gotta try a canvas cut-out!! Good luck babes!!

Xoxo, Marie

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