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Currently Obsessed: Adult Coloring Books

Maybe don't google that actual phrase. It may come back with some interesting results. But really they're great! They're just coloring books geared towards grown-ups! They've been around for a few years but really got popular these last few months. I got one for Christmas from my parents - and I feel kind of bad because I've been teasing a few family members about them and now I'm the one who is totally in love! Its a fantastic stress reliever as well as a way to take your eyes off of the screen.

This is the one I have.
Its called The Time Garden by Daria Song

Here are a few more I've had my eye on. Even if you don't color them, they are still so beautiful and interesting to look at. The prices are great too! Just click on the title:) Thank you, Amazon!

 By Moose Allain

Enchanted Forest
By Johanna Basford

Splendid Cities
By Rosie Goodwin

Color Crush
By Paige Tate

Thrill Murray
By Mike Coley

The Indie Rock Coloring Book
by Yellow Bird Project

The Art of Nature
By Adams Media

Bonus books!

Bonus: My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion by the talented Nina Chakrabarti, here.
Bonus: The Fashion Coloring Book by the talented Carol Chu & Lulu Chang, here.
Bonus: Fantastic Cities by the talent Steve McDonald, here.
Bonus: The Secret Garden by the talented Johanna Basford, here.

Happy coloring, Loves!

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