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A Journey into Melissa's Closet

Meet our gorgeous friend, Melissa.
She is an amazing woman, mother, wife and all around friend! Really, she's a dream. 

Well, she asked us to come to her house and help her update her closet. She kept calling it her version of What Not to Wear! Haha don't worry we were way nicer than the hosts of WNTW.

So here is our journey through Melissa's Closet! Follow along with your own closet in mind.

So first things first, its not just organizing your closet. It's cleaning out some inventory and updating it all together. We wanted to tailor this experience to Melissa. So first we asked what her priority was. Aside from decluttering her closet, she wanted fashion advice about what she was wearing, what she should stop wearing and also how to dress for her age. Take a second to think about what questions you should be asking yourself.

1. Organize and Distribute

We segmented our task by category. First we did all her bottoms, then skirts & dresses, then shoes and finally tops. We organized everything in the following:

Keep: Items that fit well, are still stylish and still a fave.
Maybe: Items that we didn't love but Melissa wanted to think about it before getting rid of it. Totally fair!
Donate: Cute but maybe not for me anymore. The Young Women in our ward would love it!
Toss: Old clothes that are stained, ripped, or simply can't be saved.

2. Evaluate

A few things we found in Melissa's closet that might be hiding in your closet too...

Remember these beauties?? They were the comfiest things in the world and SO cool. If you want to relive the memories, you can still buy them from Target, here!!! 

-Trendy 00's Shoes

Think Ugg's and "trendy" flats. Its time to say goodbye to these gems!

-Logo shirts
They were the bomb in middle school and high school. You wanted everyone to know you got your shirt from Hollister and similar stores. You know exactly what I'm talking about...

-Cropped Shrug Sweaters

These were super trendy! I still see these around but they're usually on little girls. 

-Trendy Pants

I'm talking embellished jeans, cargo pants, wide leg pants, etc..

If you find any of the above mentioned items in your closet, maybe give them a new home. Just our opinion!

4. Update

Our recommendations for Melissa:

Black Heels
Replace the outdated flats with slightly pointed, low heels. Heels show off your legs and Melissa has amazing legs. Serious leg goals!! H&M has a good, affordable option. You can find them here. Low heels are a good alternative for tall ladies and WAY more comfortable.

Melissa has lots of different colors of solid print shirts. An easy way to dress up plain shirts is by adding a blazer. Go for comfortable fabric and invest in heavy and light blazers for different seasons. I love Forever 21's selection. They're cute, affordable and overall comfortable! Check them out here.

Statement Jewelry
We didn't go through Melissa's jewelry. I know she has some fab pieces but you can never have too many pieces, especially if they are trendy and affordable. Check out our Necklace of the Week segment to find some of our favorites. We like using Amazon

Refashion and/or Make Alterations

M has lots of quality clothes that fit her great in certain areas. So instead of getting rid of all her clothes in the "Maybe" "Toss" or "Donate" piles, we first saw if we (she) could refashion or alter them somehow. 

By taking in the waist, the ankle/legs, etc she had a few "new" pieces in her collection!

Hanger Trick
Sometimes we love a piece but we don't wear it as much as we'd like. Maybe we really never wear it...Well this little trick helps! Flip all your hangers around. When you wear something, turn it back around. After a year (or whatever amount of time you set for yourself) donate whatever is still on a hanger facing the wrong way. Melissa had already committed herself to this before we even got to her closet! You go girl!

Mobile Closet
Everyone should at least consider upgrading their closet to a mobile closet. I've actually written a whole post on how to get started, here. Its a great way to really know whats in your closet. You can even create and plan your outfits ahead of time. Its a game changer!

And that's the end!
Melissa already has a great sense of style, but sometimes we all need a little guidance. Interestingly enough, Marie and I did this to our own closets the next day! 

I hope our little journey into Melissa's closet gave you ideas on how to update your own wardrobe!
If you ever have fashion questions about updating and revamping your wardrobe, let us know!! We had so much fun with Melissa that we'd love to do it again! 

Now for the real talk. Remember, at the end of the day YOU are the only person you need to impress. Fashion is fun but never change who you are because of it. Instead use fashion as a way of expressing yourself. You, yourself are the staple piece. Everything else is an accessory.

Xoxo, Andrea
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