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Team Star Wars

I've always known about Star Wars. I mean how could you not? I have to admit, I wasn't a huge devoted fan until I started dating a tall, handsome nerd (who I later married). He made me watch all of the movies with him and was so excited to teach me about all the alien species and planets, etc. From there, I was hooked!

Flash forward a few years and our mutual love of Star Wars is almost as great as our love for each other - almost;) 

If you've ever been to our house, you know that its filled with Star Wars Legos. Daniel and I have too many Star Wars shirts to count. Even our little Yorkie, Milo, has a Darth Vader costume and squad of Bounty Hunter friends (toys). 
We have been in total Star Wars heaven since The Force Awakens came out. Star Wars is EVERYWHERE and we absolutely love it. The new movie gives us more galaxies, species and ships to explore. We've loved learning about the new characters - although the movie doesn't give much info. Thats why we got the visual guide. Its a must have for any Star Wars fan! You can get it here.

Some of our deeper conversations are about the Star Wars galaxy. Sometimes I'm a bigger fan than he is... But regardless of your fan level or how you became a fan in the first place, we can all celebrate the awesomeness that is Star Wars!

Here are a few Star Wars things you may need in your life:

Chewie Onesie? Too adorable! Oh and its over 60% online! Get it here.
Star Wars Leggings, obvs.
All 6 of these are on sale! Over 40% off! Click on the right arrow to see more.

I need this BB-8 Towel/Poncho combo in my life. Also on sale - over 50% off! Get it here.

Don't forget about some artwork to show off your favorite characters and scenes. Most of these are marked down as well! (click/scroll right to see more).

For the chef in your life who is also a fan (or you're trying to convert into one)...
50% off whadduupp?!

Can we talk about these shirts for a second? So cute and none of them are over $15!

If you want to go for something more simple...

Get it here.

Get it here.

Get it here.

And when you want to get down with your dark side.

Get it here.

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For the littles in your life. For $3.99?! Why wouldn't you?!

These!! Brb, dying. Get them here.

Gym bag anyone? Get it here.

Drink from one of your favorite droids!

Get it here.

And for the men (or women). Lots of my Star Wars shirts are actually from the men's section. Sometimes the boys get cooler designs. But I prefer the fit of a women's size.

I hope you find something you like to add to your new or existing Star Wars collection! And just so you know, I'm always game to discuss theories;) Hit me up!

Xo - Andie
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