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Necklace of the Week {9.24.15}

Hey Babes!!

You know that one item that you basically always have with you?? My item is my pearl earrings, I basically live them in, day or night, all the time. Today I switched out my pearl earrings for a pearl necklace. Each week I spend time picking out my favorite necklaces or purchasing necklaces to share with you. This week's is one I've had forever and is totally a staple in my closet. It's my favorite necklace to dress up a plain T or a simple top.

The woven pearls are absolute perfection and mine has a little ribbon running through as well. Since this necklace is a little busier than most, I always pair it with plain tops that don't have too much going on. This necklace could definitely become over the top if it was paired with the wrong type of outfit, so be careful out there!!

The one that I have found for you for you is absolutely gorgeous. It is simply all pearl and makes my heart happy. You can find it on amazon here. This necklace is $11.55 with free shipping. J Crew also has some perfect woven pearls on their website. They are more pricey, but also absolutely beautiful!! If you want to see those, you can check those out right here.

I'm a strong believer in woven pearls and think every girl needs a set. If you don't already have a set in your closet, put purchasing some on your to-do list!


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