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Necklace of the Week {9.3.15}

Anyone love amazingly cheap finds?? One of my favorite things in the world is when I can find a classy necklace for an incredibly cheap price. Hence the whole necklace of the week tradition... Anyways, this week's necklace of the week was just $2.14. TWO DOLLARS AND FOURTEEN CENTS!!! I didn't know you could even purchase a necklace for that cheap.

Other than the crazy good deal this necklace is, I love it for many other reasons too. I feel like this necklace is simple enough to go with basically anything, yet still looks classy and adds the perfect touch to a top. I also love this gold color. I'm kinda a sucker for pretty gold necklaces, so this one was perfect for my style. 

As with many of my necklaces, I originally got this one off of Amazon (for $4.49) but I found it for you on AliExpress for $2.14!! Incase you haven't heard of AliExpress, I told you all about AliExpress here. I've ordered off of AliExpress before and been super happy with my purchases. The only downside is it literally takes about a month to get your goods (talk about practicing the art of patience).

Here is the link for this exact necklace!!  I'd tell you how much it is, but i'm pretty sure i've already engrained that in your brain... ;)

Xoxo, Marie
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