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Target Top Picks

Target has some KILLER items right now (as always)!! Because of this, Belle and I went to Target to snap a few pics of the items I am dying over right now for you.

Paper Straws:  First stop was obviously the dollar spot. Can anyone actually walk into target without stopping here?? The always tend to have something that I didn't know that I needed, but obviously do. Target has had paper straws in their dollar spot for a few months now. They switch colors depending on the season/holiday. I grabbed some fabulous yellow ones in the summertime and stocked up on purple and black for the future since they were a dollar! 

Holiday Decor: This was also at the dollar spot. Target has the cutest, cheap, holiday decor in the dollar area. Most of the time, for a couple dollars it's WAY cheaper for me to snag their cute decorations than to create my own through a craft store. These EEK letters totally had my heart and I was utterly impressed by all that cuteness for $3.

Stag Head/Animal Decor: I am literally dying over these animal heads/wall decor. I feel like they are the perfect way to classy up your living area. I literally just can't take the perfection of those antelope horns. 

Fall Wreath: My favorite thing about this wreath were the fall colors and the fact that it was nice and large. Beautiful wreath you could hang on your door the entire season of fall!!

Metal Octagon: I never knew I needed a metal octagon on the wall until I saw this one. Such an awesome way to change your living space and add a little bit of art. This piece would be rather different than the normal art you hang on your walls which would make it AWESOME!

Canvas Print: If you've ever been over to my house, you know I am a sucker for canvas prints. I loved 3 specific things about this one. 1) The glitter print 2) The size 3) The statement

World Globe: Have you ever seen a more beautiful globe?!! This thing was gorgeous, and the perfect size to keep on a desk or as decor in your home. You have no idea how badly I wanted this piece of perfection!!

Marquee Letters: These things are so freaking cute and all the rage right now. Whether your decorating for a party or you have a room that could work with this style, these letters add so much fun and character.

Turtle Shell DecorThese little turtle shells were just too unique not to post. Call me crazy, but I love them. I love the details as well as simplicity. Once again, perfect if you are looking for a unique piece in your home.

Little Blue Cabinet: This little cabinet was absolutely adorable. I loved the light blue color and this could be a perfect accent piece in a room. It was simple, cute and perfect for storing whatever needed.

Hopefully you found something you loved!! Go snag it from Target before they sell out!!

Xoxo, Marietarge
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