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Friendship Friday

Like many families, my husband and I moved to a new state for an exciting opportunity. Although we're only in North Carolina temporary, we decided to dive in and make this place home. But every home needs a family, and since we don't have any family in the south we knew it was time to make one!

Which reminded me of this quote:

This is one of my favorite sayings about friends. It's so true!

Some people are blessed with incredible families and others are not so fortunate. Whichever group you belong to, you get to choose your other family: Your friends!

Marie and I lucked out with the women we've met in North Carolina! They are amazing and are the best second family we could ask for. 

This whole blog was inspired by the people we love, and that definitely includes our NC friends. Who knows where we will all be in the next few years, but we'll never forget the people we've met here.

So this Friendship Friday is dedicated to these women and the positive impact they've made in our lives! Whaddduppp North Carolina??!!


Cheers to friends & Fridays!

Xoxo, Andrea

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