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5 Parties You Should Probably (but definitely) Try!

We love parties!! Whether we are hosting or just enjoying as guests. If you invite us to a party, we’ll be there! We have some fabulous friends who share this passion as well so Marie and I are spoiled! My favorite part about these parties? They are themed! So we picked of our favorites to share with you. Here are 5 parties that you should host or co-host! This is part one of a two part series. Stay tuned for some of our fave party planning tips!!

Note: Since our husbands are studying at (the oh so pricey) Duke School of Medicine, we have pretty much mastered the art of hosting budget friendly parties (same goes for our friends). So yes, if you see paper plates in the photos, you are more than welcome to substitute fine china! #Goalz

1.     Slumber Party

For my birthday this year we had a Girls Night Slumber Party! Really you don't have to have a reason to throw one of these parties. What made this party: A variety of activities! We had a few different games and crafts. We also had music videos playing on the big screen. We had lots of blankets and pillows out and everyone came in their PJs!

2.     Favorite Things

Have you ever heard of a favorite things party? If not then you should host one ASAP. These are just a blast! A few of my amazing friends hosted this one it it did not disappoint!! So the idea is you bring a favorite thing (or multiple) to share and you leave the party with someone else's favorite thing. You can really structure it however you want but that is the general idea. For our favorite things party everyone brought 5 of their "favorite thing." We decided to do $5 or under. We displayed them all on the table and wrote our name on 5 pieces of paper and placed them in a bowl. One at a time, we got up and explained our favorite thing, why we love it, where we got it and how much it cost (so you could go buy one too!). By the end of the night, each of us left with 5 fab new gifts!

3.     Viewing Party

Alright, confession time. We are total Bachelor(ette) fans! We tune in every week for all the excitement and drama (and outfits). We always have food and an amazing time at our little viewing parties. But for the "Final Rose Ceremony" this past season, we stepped it up a notch. You guys, it was great and the best part is the main theme is whatever you're "viewing." Easy peasy!

4.     Dinner Party

Whether its to celebrate a holiday, or just because you want to throw a party, dinner parties never disappoint! For starters, they make you feel fancy! For this dinner party everyone contributed a side. We used paper plates, napkins, utensils, you name it! I think the plastic champaign glasses we're my favorite touch. The point was we wanted to keep it as low cost as possible but still feel like we were going out. What really made this party were all the details! The place cards, little hearts, candles, etc. Oh and everyone dressed up! We love dinner parties!

5.     Cultural Food Night

Diversity is such a beautiful thing! Many of my friends were blessed with the opportunity to live and work in foreign countries. Some even went to school abroad! So its fair to say we have a love for foreign foods. We had a cultured food night that focused on Latin American foods. Everyone brought a dish or side to share. We had a music video playlist of latin artists on the big screen and the food easily accessible. The highlight of the night? The food. (obvs)

Alright Babes, there you have it! 5 party ideas you can try:)
Stay tuned for part two!!

Xoxo, Andrea

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