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Gift Guide: Teen Edition

Wether its your kid, a sibling, neice/nephew, friend or whoever - teens can be difficult to shop for...
So I  enlisted the help of my three teen siblings, Natalia, Jeffrey and Benji to give us some ideas for gifts that they would want. They are all have very different personalities and it definitely shows in their gift guides.

Meet my sister, Natalia. 

She's creative and bright. She loves swimming, cheerleading and taking care of others. Check out her gift guide below!  

1. A pink wand - I absolutely love curling my hair and wands are the best!  

2. Sports Tickets. But if we're talking about me, then Utah Jazz tickets! I'm a HUGE fan of course!

3. Jersey. Again if its for me then a Gordan Hayward jersey! Cause when you have Jazz tickets you NEED a jazz jersey!


4. Jewlery! Cute long & layered necklaces and statement earrings.

5. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme - an eyelash extension kit 

6. Red High Top converse- I'm a converse girl. End of story. 

7. Faux fur vest - They are so adorable and totally in right now! 

8. A mid-length striped dress

9. Warm Pastel colored sweaters - if you live in Utah, then you'll understand the need for these.

10. Celebrity crush poster. For me? SHAWN MENDES!

11. Emoji pillows! They're super fun and cute! 

12. A neoprene bikini. Never to early for a cute bikini! 

13. Pure seduction shimmer gift set! 

Up next:

Meet my little Brother, Benji. 

He is an all around athlete and entrepreneur in the making. He'll be a millionaire someday.

This is what was on his radar:

1. Hoverboard 


2. Joggers

3. Star Wars Vans

4. Basketball Shooting sleeve

5. Fpv quadcopter

6. Phone charging case

7. Chacos

And finally...
Meet my little brother, Jeffrey. 

He will be 14 in March and enjoys science and the arts. I'm pretty sure he's a genius.
Here is his list.

No joke - these are the 5 things he wants for Christmas. Keep in mind he wrote these himself... (Brb. Dying) 

1. Objects that provide elevated entertainment levels for extended periods of time, multiple times. Like a gaming console or computer.

2. Peer approval. To achieve this, it is likely you need to buy something expensive, dazzling, or uncommon, to invoke emotions from others.

3. Currency. This gives children the illusion of choice /of course, it is an illusion thanks to first world commercialism./ currency makes them feel powerful, and safe, because they have a safe garde and entertainment key all in one.

4. Potential. Give them the ability to make themselves popular, or give them the tools to gain their own money. A camera, or sewing machine, or microscope.

5. Love, security, happiness. Give this gift by spending time with them, or showing that you care.

Yup. Thats Jeffrey. 

Hope these three (two, really) gift guides gave you some last minutes ideas on what to get the special teen in your life!

Xoxo, Andrea

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