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Halloween Inspiration - Updated

Hi Loves!

I don't know if I mentioned this already (Ok - I totally did)
but Halloween is my second favorite holiday (after Christmas obvs.)
I've always loved the concept of dressing up and eating candy as a kid. Every year, my mom would make awesome costumes for us. I don't think I ever had a store bought costume until I was in college. That year I really wanted a cute little sailor outfit. Sure, it was in the "sexy" section of the store. Don't judge me, it was college. Besides that one year in college, all my other costumes have been DIY. Now I know we're only a week away from Halloween but its not too late to put together a costume! I believe there is no right or wrong way to create a Halloween look! Wait. Ok I take that back. There are two wrong ways:
1. Not dressing up (Don't be Jim from the office)
2. Anything offensive (think: cultural appropriation)

Other than that, be as creative as you want! Make your whole costume, or just part of it. Or if you want to buy the whole thing, thats great too!

Here is some Halloween Inspiration from yours truly. These are some of our costumes over the past 4 years we've been married. Oh and if you're still looking to decorate check out my October DIY faves, here! Aaaand if you're looking for fun fall activities, check out my Fall Fun Guide.

 1. Two Voldemort's in love
This was such an easy and last minute costume that got lots of laughs and won a few prizes. Daniel's mom made him that cloak in High School and my mom made the one I'm wearing. You can totally just buy cloaks too! They are pretty affordable! We printed off Voldermort's face and glued it to a paper plate and turned it into a mask. We found awesome twigs for wands and boom! 
We love the HP movies!!

2. Max and a Wild thing
This was such a fun DIY costume. That mask took the longest time to make, but it was worth it. This was a straight up costume contest winner! I'm sure there are tutorials out there but one of my favorite parts of putting together a costume is just figuring it out!
We love this movie!

3. Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox
Another fun mask to make! Both of these costumes probably cost $7 to make - Total! 
We also love this movie! I see a trend...

4. Reno 911-esque Cops
We're probably the last people on earth that would be "sexy cops" BUT Daniel had the best mustache in the whole world and we needed to take advantage of it!! I bought us cheap white polos and sewed a bunch of badges and other cop stuff on. We both wore the shortest shorts we could find and threw on some aviators. Done!

5. Scarecrows 

Another super easy one! We wanted something minimalistic for this party so we took our most "fall looking" clothes and turned ourselves into scarecrows - faces and all. This costume cost $1 to make. 
Bonus group shot!

Bonus: Bilbo Baggins

My company does fun dress up days for random things like when the Hobbit movies came to theaters. I found these clothes laying around my parents house and I used my Voldemort mask skills to make this paper mask. I used double stick tape and left over fur to make my feet hobbit-like!

When Milo joined our family we knew we had to include him in on the fun. We found him the cutest little shark costume and made shark costumes for ourselves. We simply took grey sweat pants and a matching hoodie and glued eyes and teeth to the hood. Super easy to make and extremely comfortable! 

Derek Zoolander and Mugatu
 This was somewhat of a last minute costume. I used white electric tape to make Daniel's costume and fabric scraps to make mine. Daniel had the perfect Zoolander face and I had way too much fun playing a villain for the night.

50s chick
We just went to a murder mystery party my brother-in-law and sister-in-law hosted and we all got to dress up 50s style. The hairstyle really made the look. Chances are you already have stuff for this costume laying around. Just put the pieces together and give yourself a nice 50s hairdo!

So there are some of our favorites over the past few years.
We usually have between 2 and 3 costumes every year - I told you we're obsessed with Halloween!

If you're still struggling, Buzzfeed did a good job of putting together a few lists of fun ideas!

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Have fun creating/finishing/enjoying your costume!

Xoxo, Andrea

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