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Milo's Holiday 2015

Most of you probably don't know but Milo totally has his own Instagram account! I noticed pretty much every picture I posted on my private account was of him so instead of filling everyone's feed with pictures of my little pup, I made his own account and people can choose to follow or not:) I'm surprised by how many dogs have their own Instagram accounts. Its been so fun to follow different dogs and meet new people! You can find and follow him @meetlittlemilo

Warning. He's really cute and your heart may melt a little.

Ok so I'll let Milo tell you all about his holiday...

Milo: Hi friends! This was my first Christmas and boy did I love it! First, its important to note that my parents kinda love every holiday - so they get pretty into it.

For starters, here I am in a stocking. I actually didn't mind it at all. I kind of love the attention.

 Also, I met Santa! To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan. I was actually pretty scared!

 Here I am cosplaying Darth Vader and celebrating Star Wars with my two favorite toys. What can I say, I'm kind of a bad boy.

 Oh this was the worst day of Christmas break.... my first haircut. Hard pass.

Visiting my Great Grandma & Grandpa Lisi in Pennsylvania! I sure loved snuggling with them. Grandma's hugs were amazing and Grandpa even snuck me some chicken! Don't tell my mom!

 Christmas Eve Jammies! I was really tired here and mom made me take a picture.

 I had to guard my Christmas gifts! Just kidding. But I did get in trouble for trying to open them early...

I loved opening my gifts. I totally knew what to do! My Grandma Susy and my Aunt Natalia got to see me open my presents! I love technology!

 The next few days were spent in my elf jammies. My mom and dad have matching ones too!

 A lot of my holiday was spent taking naps on my mom's shoulder.

I also went on hikes and walks with my parents. It was 70+ degrees the entire break!

 But overall, my first Christmas was magical! I got so many gifts from aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents and I loved spending so much time with my mom and dad!!

Happy Holidays!
Love: Milo

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