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Maskcara = Perfection

Hey babes!!

Today I thought I'd fill you in on one of my absolute favorite make up products of all time. It's called Maskcara IIID Foundation and it will change your life!! 
This stuff is like magic in a little compact. I've never been super into foundation yet this stuff has made me a believer. The line was started by a SUPER cute makeup blogger who was able to chase her dreams and start her own makeup line. She released it a while back yet she re-formulated and is always trying to make this stuff as close to perfection as possible. 

Although there has been a lot of (good and bad) hype about contouring, this chick has got it all figured out. She has a way of turning any woman from beautiful into drop-dead freaking gorgeous!! The compact basically has four sections... Contour, highlight, blush and illuminate. I grabbed the lightest of each of the colors because of my skin tone and the fact that I didn't want to look like a drag queen and went for it. This stuff is super easy to apply and easy to blend with any type of beauty blender (or even your fingers)!!

Here's what it looks like when all the make up has been applied, but not blended yet: 

Then... You blend it with a Beauty Blender/Spounge: 

Lastly, it easily blends into this dewey perfection: 

The compact sells on her website for $42 and although this is kinda steep for poor students, it has been remarkable!! I was able to grab mine with a gift card because she's constantly doing fabulous giveaways and I'm so grateful I gave it a shot!! Plus, once you have the pallet, it's only $9 per refill (much more affordable)!! 

Do me a favor and think on it??? Plus you can spend hours on her website checking out her tutorials and her magic on women of all ages!!!

Xoxo, Marie 

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