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New Discovery: Aliexpress

Hello beautiful babes!

I recently had one of my fabulous friends contact me about a site she had found to purchase some great items. The site is called and she has loved the goodies she has found from it.

Aliexpress is a massive shopping site where you can find anything from clothes to makeup. Its a site somewhat similar to Amazon, but they aren't as specific on who they let sell from their website (which means that you need to be a little more careful). Because of this, you can find some amazing, high-end knock offs.

Check out these Hunter boot knock-offs that she recently ordered. She swears by the quality and for the price difference she was thrilled.

The blue Hunters on the left are from Zappos and she spent $169. The black ones she purchased from Aliexpress for $45. Considering that she has been able to wear and compare the both of them, its amazing she loves the knock-offs just as much!

Here is a link for some hunter boots like the ones above!

She also told me about how she has been purchasing her Naked makeup palette from this site. I was curious if she felt as if the makeup palette she was purchasing seemed as if it worked as well as the Urban Decay palette that is available through Sephora and she said it totally was!!  The palette from Sephora is $54, whereas the palette on Aliexpress is $4.79...? ABSOLUTELY worth the try!!

Here is a link to the palette for $4.79.

Lastly, this is the knock off that i'm kinda freaking out about...

You guys, she got this crazy, perfect looking Kate Spade knock off for $35.... THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!!!! Don't worry, in less than 24 hours after finding this out I ordered one for myself!

Here's a link for the purse I purchased. 

A few things before I go... Be careful on this site, I'm sure there are some fabulous finds as well as some not so fabulous finds. Take a look at the feedback on the specific item you're looking at as well as the specific seller's rating. If lots of people weren't satisfied with their order, it's likely you won't be either. Lastly, take your time and don't make rushed decisions. Before I put my first order in I checked with my hubby and BFFs because a little guidance is always needed. 

Good luck and I can't wait to tell you how my order went! 

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