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Consignment?? Yes, please!!

A long time ago, I was indifferent towards consignment stores. I felt like most of the time I didn't really want to purchase someone's used clothes if I could find new ones for a similar price. Recently however, I've recognized the incredible deals you can get when you're willing to spend a little time at upscale consignment stores. Although different states have different consignment gold mines, I've recently found out about, "Fifi's Consignment" here in North Carolina. At this particular consignment store, everything is priced reasonably and if it doesn't sell within a month they cut this price in HALF!! 

The dress I'm wearing in this post is a Gianni Bini dress that I found for $24. In case your not familiar with pricing, these dresses usually go for at least $100. Although I usually try to wait a month to see if I can get it for half the price there was no way I was able to walk away from this dress!!

Along with this, I was able to grab some Kork-Ease wedges that retail from the Kork-Ease sight for $140. Through discount and fabulous beginning price, I walked out with them for $25. Oh, and these shoes had never been worn!! 

The point of my rambling??? Give upscale consignment stores a chance!! They are literally a saving grace for me considering all of the money we don't have is going straight to medical school expenses. 

Ask around and do your research because you never know when a gold mine is right across town!! Love ya babes!! 

Xoxo, Marie 

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