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Dirty Hair Hack

Hey Babes!!
So we obvs all know we shouldn't wash our hair everyday to avoid drying it out too much. BUT sometimes our hair gets dirtier a little faster than usual. If you're short on time but want to hide the shine - give this a try! It takes like 3 minutes and the extreme part will cover up the dirty hair with cleaner hair underneath. Boom!

1. Give yourself an extreme part on one side.
2. Pin the side back but leave a little piece of hair out
3. Curl the little piece of hair away from your face.
4. Braid your hair and secure.

Optional: Add some dry shampoo during step one if your hair is extra dirty.

Done! Now no one will know your dirty little secret!
Can you believe this day 3 of no washing for me?? Give it a try!

Xoxo, Andrea

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