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Easter Recap

So I've been playing (and working) in Utah Since late February. I forgot how much I love this place! My family is seriously amazing! We have so much fun whatever we do and we go big on holidays! Easter was no exception. We had three different Easter egg hunts and 4+ Easter parties. It really was a blast!

One of my favorite Easter traditions is decorating Easter eggs. You can really be as creative as you want! After I made some silly eggs, I decided to make some special ones for my little family of three (Miss you, Daniel!!)
Fun little Emoji eggs!
 You can check out my Easter inspo post from a week ago to see details from one of our parties!
We woke on Sunday morning to this fun sight! One of the many perks of having super young siblings is you get to do fun kid stuff in your twenties! 
Milo had his own little basket too! Let's just say his grandmas spoil him so much!!

But I mean that head tilt...
And how he's holding his little Easter basket?! I can't even.
He got these little yellow rain boots and my heart nearly exploded when he took his first steps in them!!
I'm sure I took way too many pictures throughout the day of (and with) him...
Here he is opening up his second Easter basket.
During the Easter egg hunt, Milo actually found the rare Golden Egg! My mom offered money to whoever found the rare egg.
Isn't he a cutie in his easter shirt? His little smile melts my heart!
I know this Easter recap turned into Milo's Easter recap but when you are this cute, you need your own post!

How was your Easter weekend?!

Xo - Andie
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