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Favorite Things: Blush Edition

Every so often I like to share some of my favorite things.

So these are a few of my favorite things! You can probably tell that I'm loving blush right now! Or I just really like when things are color coordinated!

Lets see what we have today.

1. Mini Notebook. 
One of my friends actually gave me this little notebook for my birthday. Its so cute and so practical. It even fits in my satchels!

Here are a few similar styles:

2. Baby Lips. 
I've been a fan of Baby Lips for a few year now. I love how they make my lips feel and I love the little pop of color they give you (or sparkle in this case).

Here are a few similar styles:

3. Ring holder. 
Bed side table essential! I always play with my rings and often lose them. This little guy has been a game changer!

Here are a few similar styles:

4. Markers!
I mean how fun are markers?? Color pencils frustrate me and paint is so messy. I use markers all day, every day.

Here are a few similar styles:

5. Statement necklace.
Because life is too short to not make a statement;) 

Here are a few similar styles:

I love learning about what people are obsessed with at any given time! What are some of your favorite things?

Xo - Andie
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