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Currently Obsessed: ThredUp

We need to talk about ThredUP for a minute.
ThredUP is a fashion resale website where you can buy (and sell) second hand clothing items. They have a lot of designer clothes and their items are in amazing condition.

I recently got this fun Corey Lynn Calter Jumpsuit!
 It retails for $214 and it was like 80% off.

There is a ton of clothes on their website so you'll definitely find something you like. I usually start my search by size and either "Newest First" or "Best Savings." I play on the site all the time because there are always cute things popping up. However, you usually have to act fast since there is only one of everything.

Another thing I like to do is find super cheap items to add to my order. I got an adorable Gap ruffle button up shirt for about $4 which retails for $27, so we're talking 72% off! Its perfect for church or work. Best $4 I've ever spent!

Here are a few things in the shop right now that I have my eye on. Who knows how long they will last! So go check out ThredUP to find your next treasure! (Discount code below)

And now you can try it too! Use my link to get a $20 credit! -
Give it a try! You'll fall in love!
Xo - Andie

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