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Cute and Comfy For The Win! Featuring #MeetMilo

Leggings and sweaters are so my jam. Its pretty much like wearing PJs that are socially acceptable to wear out and about. 
I'm a huge fan of leggings. In my opinion they are totally pants. Don't let the haters get to you. If you want to rock leggings as pants, you do just that!

These burgundy leggings are from Forever 21. They aways have leggings for a low price! I picked up a few colors because they were only $3.90!! Check it out and pick yourself up a few pairs!

My earrings are from Kendra Scott. I went to an event a few weeks back and they were in the gift bags. I am loving them!
You can get get a similar style from Kendra Scott below:

Oh and check this out -> This sweater is on sale at Target right now!!! They have a few colors and I would LOVE one of each!
I'm not sure how long they'll be there. Just in case, here are a few adorable sweaters I have my eye on. They are all on sale!!

Here is another fun find. I got these boots at Target for $11!! Marie's mom is a Target pro and ALWAYS finds the best deals! They let me know they were on sale and I picked some up the next day. Such a good deal!
Here are some similar styles:

Of course Milo hates being left out...
Confession time...
I sing love songs to Milo...
All. The. Time.
I'm currently OBSESSED with the Hamilton soundtrack. Dear Theodosia makes me cry like a baby every time! 
Really not much beats comfy & cute clothes and signing love songs to a snuggly puppy. 
Hope your week is going great so far! Thanks for following:)

XO - Andie & Milo

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