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Makeup Monday: What's in My Bag?

Hey loves!

For today's Makeup Monday I'm showing you what I keep in my makeup bag! I have lots of makeup at home but this little bag always goes with me. No matter what my day has in store, I get piece of mind knowing I can start from scratch or glam up whenever!
If you don't already have a handy go bag, this one is for you! 
First get yourself a fun makeup bag. Here are some cute ones for under $10!

Now for my favorite glam essentials:

Foundation - One word: Matte! I like FIT Me by Maybelline because it doesn't feel heavy and it is super affordable!!

Liquid eyeliner - I'm definitely more of a liquid eyeliner girl. What I love about eyeliner is you can definitely change up your look with one stroke!

Lipsense - The craze is real and for a legit reason. I always have these babies in my bag. Oh and we have a Lipsense color giveaway coming up! Stay tuned!!

Contour stick - I am obsessed with the NYX Wonder Stick. It gives a really nice highlight and contour. It is very easy to control your level of glam!

Dark eyeshadow - put a little to give your eyes some depth and use some to fill in your brows. 2 in 1!

Setting powder - Set it all in with your favorite powder. This stuff works really well with my skin type and keeps my shine under control.

Mini brush - When you have super thick hair, a brush is mandatory. This mini brush is the perfect size to keep in my makeup bag.

Here are links to the current makeup in my bag:
What's in your makeup bag?
Xo - Andrea

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