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#DiningInDurham with Andie - 4 New Updates!


I've been trying to avoid even saying this out loud but, our time in North Carolina is pretty limited.

Daniel and I have been thinking of the best ways to say goodbye to our second home. What better way then enjoying the wonderful food found in Durham?!

Durham is known as the foodie capital of the South and always ranked amongst the tastiest towns. If you don't believe me, check it out:

So before we head out West, Daniel and I are going to go to the tastiest spots in town!

First stop:
Elmo's Diner!
Elmo's Diner is on 9th street - the location is an experience on its own! This place has won loads of awards! It's a true diner experience. No reservations, very casual and pretty quick service.
We said our goodbye's to Elmo's Diner in the most delicious way.
I ordered the Salmon Cake and Eggs (local favorite) and Daniel ordered the Cheesy Baked Spaghetti (another popular choice).

You can't forget about the Southern style Grits and warm biscuit. I'm still in a food coma...

If you're ever in the area, definitely check it out!

Next Stop:
Randy's Pizza

Randy's Pizza is one of the best Pizza places in Durham. It's true New York style and the "Largest Slice in the Triangle!"
They sell their pizza whole or by the slice. One slice is huge! Daniel and I typically go for their famous Combo #1 which is two slices +1 topping each and a drink for only $6.99. Talk about cheap date night!
Their outdoor patio is really nice and they often have live music. Oh and did I mention their slices are huge???
If you haven't tried Randy's Pizza, definitely stop by and get yourself a slice! Cheap, delicious and authentic? Yes please!

Up next:

Guglhupf is bakery/cafe/restaurant that is primarily German Cuisine. We've actually never been here before but have been dying to try it! I'm really glad we did.
It's like a hidden gem when you walk in. 
Check this place out!!!
You place your order at the kitchen counter and they bring your food to you. You can sit outside on their cute little patio or in their gorgeous dining room.

I had one of their brunch specials - a plate full of eggs, fresh fruit and a baguette. Yes, I'm a sucker for eggs! 
Our dear friends Hope and Kirk Joined us for lunch and they got the Steak Sandwich. I think next time I will have to get that!

Daniel got this tasty plate.
Anyone who knows him, knows he loves French Dips! Two thumbs up from Daniel!

Guglhupf's upscale menu is more mid priced - we're talking about $7 - $15 a meal - but oh so yummy!! No wonder this place has won loads of awards, it did not disappoint!

Check it out their menu and all their awards!

Let's head over to....
Pizzeria Toro
 We went to Downtown Durham to enjoy arguably the best Pizza Durham has to offer (and probably the most popular too!). We were lucky enough to share this meal with two more amazing friends, Luke & Katie! Great food and great friends? Count us in!
Daniel and I ordered the sweet fennel sausage, roasted pepper, provolone Pizza and we shared an appetizer.
So remember how Randy's Pizza was cheap and tasty New York style Pizza? Well Pizzeria Toro is not the cheapest but definitely doable. We're talking about $15-$19 per pizza and one pizza can feed 1 to 2 people.  But it's so worth it. They have mastered the art of pizza. The flavors are unreal. They have pretty thin crust but it's probably the best crust I've ever had (I love crust!). All their pizza's are made to order in their fancy wood fire oven. Seriously some of the best pizza out there!!

Check them out!

Up next....

Fast, tasty, cheap and southern:


I mean, we had to. Bojangles was founded right here in North Carolina not too far from Durham. Now I know it's not exclusive to Durham but we don't have Bojangles out West and that's a shame. Southern Fried Chicken and tasty "fixins" are the reason why we had to add Bojangles to this list.
My absolute favorite thing at Bojangles are their made from scratch - every two hours - fluffy biscuits! MOUTHWATERING!
I will miss you dearly, Bojangles!

Chill vibe, delicious food:

Saladelia Cafe

We had a follow up with Kirk and Hope to continue planning our upcoming European Grad trip! What better spot than a cafe with delicious food? Fun fact: When we moved into our house, we didn't have solid internet for a few weeks so I would either go to the Durham Library or Saladelia Cafe to get work. This is also the place where our Duke PA friend group became a legit friend group. We came to see one of our friends preform here! Over all this place is great - and I haven't even shown you the food yet!
Most of their plates cost between $6-$13. Daniel got the Gyro and I got the famous Chicken Salad Wrap. These babies did not disappoint! And can we talk about their house chips?? Seriously so good! Probably the best I've had in Durham!

Eclectic and hella good:


Meet up #3 with Hope and Kirk was at Nosh! We stayed well past closing time but they didn't kick us out! So kind! Everyone always seems happy at Nosh. Maybe because the food and atmosphere are so great.
Daniel got the Robinson Burger and I had the BENJI BURGER! My little brother is named Benji so I absolutely had to get it.
It even looks like Benji!! Haha! Check out Daniel's juicy burger below! 
Most of the meals here are between $7-$13 so its a great date night. Do yourself a favor and try this place!!

Tonight's date night was made possible by:

Happy China

We have been craving Chinese food for a few days now. You know, the American Chinese food that is totally not authentic. But that stuff is so good! The best Chinese Restaurant in Durham is Happy China Sichuan Cuisine. It's not the cheapest, but its the tastiest. They also have a ton of authentic options too, so it's a legit place. So legit that have of the menu is in Chinese.
Daniel got the General Tso's Chicken (spicy) and I got my absolute favorite, Sesame Chicken.
Plan on spending between $8-$18 for your meal. Most entrees are either $10 or $13. Again, not the cheapest Chinese food in Durham but the tastiest!!
Check it out: http://www.happychinasushi.com/

Stay tuned! More Durham tasty spots to come!

Xo - Andie

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