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Milo Turns 1!

If you haven't already noticed, I'm pretty obsessed with my little pup, Milo. I mean he has an entire Instagram dedicated to himself! @MeetLittleMilo 
So Milo turned 1 on May 25th! Naturally, we threw him a birthday party - smash cake and all!
We had a big family party with all of Milo's favorite people, except Daddy of course. We miss you, Daniel!
Here are my adorable nephews aka Milo's cousins.
I have to highlight this picture because my little nephew is convinced Milo is his cousin. Every time we go over or we FaceTime with them he says "it's my cousin!" when he see's Milo. Every time! Adorable, right?
We all sat at the table and had dinner in honor of Milo. Milo had his own dish of Gourmet lamb (dog food) which he LOVED! He sat at the table too - of course!
Milo was SO excited for his cake!
My siblings love being Milo's Tios! So in Spanish, Tio and Tia mean Uncle and Aunt.
Little Emma has a special bond with Milo!
So here is my Pinterest fail of the evening. I was trying to make "pup cakes" like cupcakes with puppy faces. These were the end result...
Skills, right?
Present time! This little guy was totally spoiled! He also LOVES opening packa
Instead of a goody bag, everyone got a doggy bag before they left.
A HUGE shoutout to my mom who helped me get the party ready and clean up! She is amazing and Milo is so lucky to have her as a "Grandma!"
My little guy was pooped out by the end of his party. He was napping on the table!
Happy Birthday, little guy!
Xo - Andie

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